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Grab your tissues its time to back ‘Happy Ending’

If you want a successful formula for an entertaining sci fi film here is a great recipe. Hot chicks, tons of laughs, and of course aliens. Well that seems to be the make up for the raunchy looking horror/sci fi/ comedy HAPPY ENDING. Well the new project from director Phil Condit (BONER)has launched their indiegogo and we have all the details on how you can win some perks for donating. 

To support the project head over to their crowd funding page:


HAPPY ENDING stars genre favorite the sexy Victoria De Mare and by donating $10 you could get a signed 8×10 still of her or the rest of the cast. Here is the details on the campaign including personal videos from all the lovely ladies.

You can receive one of the 8x10's  for just $10.00

You can receive one of the 8×10’s for just $10.00















HAPPY ENDING: A hot and hilarious romp of a scifi-horror comedy feature that chronicles what happens when an alien predator invades a remote desert bordello, forcing the Working Girls and their Johns to fight for their lives…and humanity’s survival!


Videos of the ladies introducing themselves:


Victoria De Mare as the ditzy Cinnamon:

Dawna Lee Heising as the Samurai sword-wielding Alice:

Dolores Quintana as Ravishing Roxanne:

Jill Evyn as #CandyCrush:

Head over and help out this hilarious looking project and enjoys the videos!


Official sites for HAPPY ENDING


Facebook page:

IMDB page:

Sick Puppy Pictures website:

Twitter feed:




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