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New music video inspired by ‘Infliction’ asks “How Does It Feel?”

One of the films we have intensely covered here at HMUNCUT is the found footage styled thriller from Jack Thomas Smith, INFLICTION. After we finally saw what’s on the tapes we were happy to see the film picked up and placed in various outlets to see. If you have not seen INFLICTION head over to NETFLIX and add it to your que. The rock band Purple Pam and the Flesh Eaters have released a new music video titled HOW DOES IT FEEL which is inspired by the film. The video looks great as it is set up in the same style as the film. Read to see the music video and where you can currently find the film INFLICTION.

HOW DOES IT FEEL is a great music video to go right along side the film INFLICTION. It has the same grainy look and feel that was found in the film and the video is filled with highlights from this very well done thriller.


“How Does It Feel?”:

Purple Pam and The Flesh Eaters

Purple Pam and The Flesh Eaters


Fox Trail Productions is proud to announce the release of the music video “How Does It Feel?” by NYC rockers Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters. Inspired by the disturbing assembled footage film “Infliction”, which documents two brothers’ 2011 murder spree in North Carolina, “How Does It Feel?” is a gritty display of clips from the controversial film and the performance of Purple Pam & The Flesh Eaters. Produced and directed by Jack Thomas Smith, who is the award-winning filmmaker of “Infliction”, “How Does It Feel” also appears on the “Infliction” DVD, which is now available in the U.S. and Canada by Virgil Films & Entertainment.


“Infliction” is available on, iTunes, Amazon, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, CD Universe, FYE, Google Play, Vudu, Cinema Now, Vimeo OnDemand, Netflix queue, and other online retailers.


Here is where you can now buy INFLICTION:

iTunes –

Amazon –

Walmart –

Best Buy –

Barnes & Noble –



Virgil Films Online –

Digital downloads and VOD:

Cinema Now –

Google Play –

Vimeo –

VUDU –!content/542110/Infliction

Netflix –


Original Trailer for INFLICTION:

Official Sites for INFLICTION:

Original INFLICTION movie poster

Original INFLICTION movie poster


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