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Take these tickets with arms wide open ‘The Creed’ – horror short review

For those of us who grew up in a certain time period there was an influx of post grunge rock ballad bands with a new metal sound. One of those bands was Creed. While they may have started with the momentum of some of the all time greats they quickly became a mockery of themselves by creating songs that sounded similar over and over. Eventually becoming a joke of music enthusiasts everywhere. Well it looks as if director Kevin James has not forgotten this his hilarious supernatural comedy THE CREED.

From dastardly renditions of the popular Creed songs to hilarious stalking of a pair of tickets to a Creed show THE CREED is really a treat for any horror and music fan of the late 90’s. The short stars Julie Becker as Linda, just your typical girl next door who has some how won a pair of tickets to a band that she has not listened to since her childhood. Of course not too thrilled with the tickets (who would be) Linda tries her hardest to get rid of the tickets in a style that Ash from Evil Dead would be proud of.


THE CREED is obnoxiously insane! A simple story mixed with great execution from Becker makes this short a delight. It was so refreshing to see something as innovative as THE CREED which is another short proving there is tons of unknown talent in horror. Kevin James is a great story telling showcasing a film that has great wit and a charm that could appeal to many. Go grab your middle and high school buddies and show them THE CREED.


While there are many things to enjoy including the performance of Max Pacheco as Stephen who blended in great rest the rest of the concept have his own memorable moments as well. Even still the star of the short is the set up of the tickets. Down right ridiculous who James and crew provided humorous outlets for the tickets to appear in. THE CREED is an award worthy short that has a range that many shorts won’t be able to reach. People will talk about this short for hours reliving all their embarrassing Creed moments so make sure you are apart of the discussion and see it.


4 / 5


THE CREED is directed by Kevin James and stars Julie Becker, Max Pacheco, Kevin Lowney, Matt DeMello, and Anthony Puliafico Jr. It is currently playing in festivals but the director says there is a chance it may premiere for free on Halloween. Look out for a future giveaway from us as we still have a DVD of THE CREED to give.




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