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Horror Tease: Check out the insanity that is ‘The Berzerk Death Dealer’

Many of us here at HMUNCUT are fans of anime and we know some of you guys are two. So when the words live action, anime, goth, and horror come across out inbox it has our full attention. From indie filmmaker  Vishal Rajput comes THE BERZERK DEATH DEALER. While we don’t have much info on the film we do have a plot and a hyperactive trailer for you to see. This film has for sure gotten our attention and we hope there will be more that comes our way.

Young Alejandro is one bad-ass dude. As number one assassin for the Demon Clan, he’s got 99,999 heads to prove it. He can smoke a joint in one puff, drain a bottle in one gulp, and talk trash better than anyone. And when he gets going, his blades sing, his fists fly, and his enemies’ heads explode.


His demonic master, Basilisk, has plans for Alejandro — but everything changes when Alejandro discovers his humanity and spares the life of a young mother. Now Basilisk is out to destroy Alejandro, with the help of a new protégé — Amon, a ruthless assassin formed from the souls of 1,000 serial killers…


Enjoy the trailer and for more on THE BERZERK DEATH DEALER give them a “like” on their official Facebook Page.



Poster for Vishal Rajput's THE BERZERK DEATH DEALER

Poster for Vishal Rajput’s THE BERZERK DEATH DEALER


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