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‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 7 recap

The Killers Resolute comes full grim circle

Part Six: the Grim Fate of Lindsey Cunningham is the 7th episode of Killers Resolute, and the final run of the story that has been building up for six episodes. Grim Fate connects all the dots and characters that we have been privy to and begins closing the loop for our American psychopaths.


Images from THE KILLERS RESOLUTE Episode 7

With the inclusion of Lindsey and her grim fate in, our story side by side with the garage band, we begin to see that there is a method to patriarch Ronnie’s madness. Ronnie’s deep resentment of the media and it’s “if it bleeds it leads” philosophy was well illustrated in his monologue in episode 6, and the grim fate of Ms. Cunningham seems to be a centerpiece in his magnum opus. The drawing together of the fractured and complex story lines seems to be flowing very naturally. There is room for a few ambiguities, but they are simple and can be inferred without too much trouble or can even be answered with the slightest exposition.

Episode seven goes over the peak of the roller coaster and quickly build the momentum for the finale. The seemly disjointed plot is not finally fitting into place neatly and is shifting the focus to the building finale. There also seems that there may be a very public reveal of the garage bands work on the horizon to act as a manifestation of Ronnie’s disgust with the world at large. Tune in to see if that is the case. The story is picking up steam as it careens toward the finale and the end looks to be quite a ride.

Images from THE KILLERS RESOLUTE Episode 7

Images from THE KILLERS RESOLUTE Episode 7




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