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‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 8 recap

The Killers Resolute brings the whole party home

The eighth installment of the Killers Resolute, Trust and Obey, continues the linear track from last weeks grim fate story line. Immediately we catch up with the garage band babysitting Lindsey and wondering what exactly is the grand plan the Ronnie seems to be working toward. Trust and Obey also brings our last player into the fold with the addition of Detective James Flint from four, Live from Polk County.

Like all bands that has been together for any length of time, tensions begin to arise once the gigs start getting bigger and more serious. The garage band of American Psychopaths is not immune to creative differences. In episode eight, we are witness to Rhett wondering or even questioning why the group is going along the path that they have chosen. Rhett’s independent musing are abruptly met with Dahlia’s fierce and unwavering loyalty to Ronnie and his grand design, although it clear that she really has no more knowledge of what that may be than does Rhett. Faith in Ronnie and his design is the question at hand. Trust and obey is the name of the game and it does not feel like that is a suggestion coming from Ronnie.

Showing an imperfect group certainly has the potential to act as a good plot device to build tension. Again, a very humanizing effect on characters that can very easily be passed off as nothing more than monsters. However I am unsure if it is necessary to use direct exposition in order to illustrate the tension. Especially in a short film where every moment of screen time is precious. Episode 5 and certainly 6 were very effective in showcasing the vast differences between Rhett and the original members of the garage band. Especially in episode 6 with the wide shots showing the great gulf between Rhett and Ronnie and Dahlia, brilliant visuals that themselves tell a great story. While further exploration of Rhett’s dissent is good story telling, I think a more subtle  “less is more” approach may have served the pacing of the series better.




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