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‘Hemlock Grove’: Episodes 9 and 10

The last two episodes tied up pretty much everything in the series, but still left me thinking, “wait, what? Why did I watch this?”

Here’s the quick wrap-up because this thing doesn’t deserve a hell of a lot of words:

Roman decides to stop his gene therapy. Peter, while at risk for going wolf-mad, is holding steady by the end of the season. These two stick together and end up defeating the Order that’s trying to kill Roman’s child. However, it does turn out that Roman’s kid is probably the antichrist. The kid has a knack for making brains explode. This special power was bestowed to it via Miranda’s milk, which was apparently dosed by the local, wingding doctor. By the end of episode 10, we discover that Roman’s former doctor is a reptile-like demon that can fly. Demon reptile dude makes his appearance at the last second of the show as Miranda flings herself, and Roman’s baby, off the White Tower. The flying reptile thing catches the two in mid-fall.

Olivia ends up going totally primal. She kill’s Shelley’s “new” body to ingest her steam cells. So, I’m guessing she’s cancer-free now. Olivia also kills Norman. Not a shocker.

Every other little story line (the boy in the woods, the weird hick dude and his drug dealers, etc.) were wrapped up in such a half-assed way, I’m pissed they even introduced the characters.

So, my friends, that’s the end of Hemlock Grove season two. If you haven’t heard, Hemlock will return for its third, and final (thank god) season, next year.


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  1. I’m glad someone else has a similar opinion to mine on this show. It took the whole first season to suck me in and then the second season was a let down to me. I’m hoping the 3rd season will make sense of it all (if it really is the last season). Disappointed that Roth didn’t make this show stand out more.

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