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‘The Killers Resolute’ Episode 9 recap

The Killers Resolute cuts to the center of the human condition!

The penultimate chapter of The Killers Resolute, aptly named “Truth and Consequences,” lays bare all Ronnie’s feeling and opinions of the brutal nature of man. Here now, near the very end of the line for the garage band, do we begin to see the shades and colors of Ronnie’s painting begin to take form.

Eli DeGeer as Lindsay Cunningham in THE KILLERS RESOULTE

Eli DeGeer as Lindsey Cunningham in THE KILLERS RESOULTE

We start with Rhett escorting Lindsey in her long walk to the gallows, here which looks to be an empty equipment yard. Already Detective Flint is present and seems set to undergo a textbook execution. Then the truth and consequences are revealed to Lindsey. She is given a choice by Ronnie. One is to be a martyr. A sacrifice that would not only make her a hero by stopping the garage band’s warpath, but would also save Detective Flint’s life and possible future victims. The other is to save herself but sacrifice Flint and anyone else unfortunate enough to wander into the wrong place at the worst time. Ronnie’s grand experiment. The reveal of what human nature is behind the veneer of society.

What is evil? Ronnie posited this question to all of us. Is it selfish to want to live? Is it evil to do so at someone else’s expense? Who is more evil, the spiller of blood or the one who sells the tickets to the show? Morality quickly becomes a slippery slope in our world when we look hard enough. The Killers Resolute poses the questions, but without the heavy hand of sermon. The crescendo of the garage band’s performance could have very easily gone over the top. In keeping with the tone of the rest of the chapters, it was kept simple and quiet, yet that quiet tone added gravitas to the machiavellian and macabre choice. One more turn down the path before we get to the clearing. Let’s see where it take us shall we.

Image from THE KILLERS RESOLUTE Episode 9 courtesy of 88mm Productions

Image from THE KILLERS RESOLUTE Episode 9 courtesy of 88mm Productions



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