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Dollface massacre in ‘Dorchester’s Revenge: The Return of Crinoline Head’

What are some of the things that make a slasher great? Comedy, gore, tits, dumb teenagers and a homicidal maniac. If that is the successful formula for a well done slasher then you won’t have any issues watching the very entertaining film from Tommy Faircloth, DORCHESTER’S REVENGE:THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD. While most of the recent slashers give you a sketchy backstory and bank off effects to win over the hearts of gorehounds; DORCHESTER’S REVENGE:THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD is far more similar to the iconic slasher films of all time. Of course we were ecstatic that the likes of genre favorite Debbie Rochon are apart of this film but the true star of the crafty slasher is the lore and legendary status of one Dorchester Stewart.

To say Tommy Faircloth is aficionado of the slasher genre is an understatement. DORCHESTER’S REVENGE:THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD has the unique ability to showcase all the pure elements of a slasher in a relevant time period. Just watching Reggie walking around with his “ratchet” hat shows that Faircloth brings classic terror into a new age outlet. While I was expecting a tad bit more gore this film begs for a director’s cut to keep us bathed in red soaking blood. Now don’t get what i’m saying mixed up; the effects and splatter were phenomenal. Just the kills themselves would have made me want more. Once again showing the caliber of filmmaker Tommy is as this film felt more like a 70’s giallo styled slasher than  your normal all american romp.


This is purely due to the back history of Dorchester. In Ed Gein type fashion we are told the story of a creation of a monster. Why is it that we never see a kid left with his father turned to a masked psycho killer? Hmm. Anyway while this is nothing new it does set up the film nicely as you yourself are curious to what went wrong with old Dorchester and this makes some sort of a prequel a must. This film has long run of potential based off of what was being done in the first film. We already see a backstory,add in  fact that the professor was a survivor begs to see that story played out as well. There possibilities are limitless on what could come after this film and that’s thanks to some great writing.


At time the antics of the young cast felt somewhat annoying. Like their timing was off on jokes and execution of lines. The more the film went on it almost felt as if that was on purpose which then helped add a campy charm to DORCHESTER’S REVENGE:THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD. Speaking of Dorchester as an adult he is one bad ass mofo! His look and design makes me head to the closet for costume inspiration which is great! This is the second film I’ve watched in the past two weeks where I wanted to be the killer but Dorchester is a must. DORCHESTER’S REVENGE:THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD is a fun and awesome slasher from a student of the genre. This will be a film you don’t want to miss when its available because it is the type of horror slasher this generation  will enjoy. I know I did!

3.5 / 5


DORCHESTER’S REVENGE:THE RETURN OF CRINOLINE HEAD will be showing at the Austin Indie Flicks showcase this Thursday September 25th. It is directed by Tommy Faircloth and stars Debbie Rochon, Jason Vail, Christian James, Kirsten Ray, Leah Wiseman, Gunner Willis, Elizabeth Mears, Nicholas Sweezer, Cameron Turner, and John Kap.


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