Fantastic Fest

FF2014- ‘The Hive’ – movie review

I wanted to like this one. THE HIVE is an ugly, messy, repetitive and predictable horror/sci-fi movie about a guy who wakes up in a room covered in bile and warts without any memory, and a sign on his boarded-up door that warns not to let anyone in, “no matter what.”

It’s a cool enough hook, and there are some funny parts early on between some of the characters, but the movie immediately flashes back to explain everything that has happened, completely ruining the intrigue and mystery they were setting up in the first place. The main character finds no clues as he attempts to figure out what’s going on. He just slowly remembers, and we watch disjointed scenes slowly explain what we all could have guessed what was going on. Once everything is obvious and has essentially been spelled out, we still see more flashbacks to fill in gaps we were no longer curious about. Any of the movie’s action has zero impact and is so dull. It’s kind of a neutered, pointless 2013 Evil Dead. The plot ends up boiling down to something so derivative and lame, but it takes itself so seriously at this point that it only gets more annoying.



THE HIVE is directed by David Yarovesky and stars  Kathryn Prescott, Jacob Zachar, and Gabriel Basso.


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