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FF2014 – ‘Hardkor Disko’ – movie review

Sometimes plans don’t always work out. In Krzysztof Skonieczny Polish noir drama, HARDKOR DISKO we find a young man devastated with the decision to kill the parents of a woman he has fallen in love with. A disturbingly charming film HARDKOR DISKO hits seduction with a slow dying venom and leaves you catatonic with intrigue.

In HARDKOR DISKO we follow the perils of Marcin who is set on killing a couple until he cross paths with the wild and untamed Ola, their daughter. With the feeling of death on his lips he begins a dark and mysterious relationship with not only Ola but her mother. Draped with a rebellious energy and engaging musical landscape Skonieczny’s feature captures the soul of a killer seduced by his own carnal desires while enduring a lofty task. The Van Zant styled cinematography pushed you into the narrative which is what also allows you to lose some of the flair. The menacing behavior of Marcin is a thing a beauty but his intent to pursue Ola gets lost at times. It causes the movie to fade on moments that could have been wonderful. This will be enjoyed by many as it really walks a fine line between love drama and crime thriller. The way Marcin becomes in the lives of this family will haunt you forever and the ending will leave you yearning for more. I would have liked a tad more chaos in the film to keep it moving slightly faster but you can’t deny the burning impact Marcin will leave on you. When you think of films with men and women as the monsters, creatures of nothing but lust and emotion; HARDKOR DISKO begs to be a part of that discussion showcased in the accessible form of cinema.


3 / 5

HARDKOR DISKO is directed by Krzysztof Skonieczny and stars  Janusz Chabior, Marcin Kowalczyk, and Jasmina Polak. 


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