Fantastic Fest

FF2014 – ‘V/H/S Viral’ – movie review

My only complaint with this movie is the title.  I love the VHS series more than any other, and I want a clear-cut trilogy with simple numbers. Anyway, VHS 3 is such an incredible fast-paced anthology masterpiece. I was worried about the film, because the creative team has almost had a complete turn-over. But the film expertly manages to maintain the same feel while wildly changing up the style and tone of the series.

It could have attempted to copy the structure and content of the first two, but the movie so confidently does the exact opposite, offering the craziest, most fun and least self-serious shorts yet. There is so much creativity and skill crammed into every second of this feature and, just like in number 2, the pacing is perfect throughout. Nacho Vigalondo’s short is the most fascinating, concept-wise, and feels like the spiritual successor to TimeCrimes; Gregg Bishop’s magician-based short is by far the most tongue-in-cheek, hilarious, but amazingly inventive one of all; Sarmiento’s wrap-around is so wild and unique; Benson/Moorhead’s concluding short is so gloriously fresh and fun, featuring some rebellious skateboarders who face off with the undead. I have zero complaints about this movie. All I want is a lively, atmospheric presentation when I watch horror anthologies, and the filmmakers behind VHS 3 seem to already be masters of the art.


V/H/S/ Viral is directed by Justin Benson, Gregg Bishop, Todd Lincoln, Aaron Moorhead, Marcel Sarmiento,  and Nacho Vigalondo.


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