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‘Fantastic Fest’ unveils award winners; Drafthouse picks up festival hit ‘Spring’

We are winding down the days of FANTASTIC FEST 2014 and what an event it has been so far. Many great films are littering the theater but a few have picked up some awards from the festival. Don’t fret if one of your personal favorites did not make on the list as each film was truly remarkable in it’s own way. In other news Drafthouse Films has acquired one of the hits at the festival SPRING and we have the details on the acquisition ahead. Thanks for stopping by HMUNCUT for your Fantastic Fest outlet and be on the look out for more reviews and announcements in the next couple days.



Fantastic Fest is pleased to announce this year’s Fantastic Fest Award winners. It has been an outstanding year for features & shorts, making the job of honoring a select crop all the more difficult, but our esteemed team of jurors have done the nearly impossible and chosen the best films of the festival.

The audience awards are presented by accounting firm Maxwell Locke & Ritter ( who provided the certified tabulation of ballots this year and are the exclusive accounting sponsor of Fantastic Fest.  Dell Precision is the presenter of the prestigious “Next Wave” Award, which honors emerging filmmakers.  The winners of the “Next Wave” feature awards are presented with a new Dell Precision mobile workstation.  


A Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to legendary film critic Leonard Maltin by Alamo Drafthouse and Fantastic Fest co-founder Tim League and his longtime friend Louis Black, co-founder of the Austin Chronicle and SXSW.

AUDIENCE AWARD (Presented by Maxwell Locke & Ritter)

THE TALE OF PRINCESS KAGUYA (director Isao Takahata)


Best Picture: IT FOLLOWS (director David Robert Mitchell)

Best Director: Miroslav Slaboshpitsky (THE TRIBE)

Best Screenplay: David Robert Mitchell (IT FOLLOWS)

Best Actor: Lou Taylor Pucci (SPRING)

Best Actress: Amy Everson (FELT)


Best Picture: ALLELUIA (director Fabrice Du Welz)

Best Director: Fabrice Du Welz (ALLELUIA)

Best Screenplay: Tetsuya Nakashima, Maiko Tedano and Nobuhiro Monma (THE WORLD OF KANAKO)

Best Actor: Laurent Lucas (ALLELUIA)

Best Actress: Lola Dueñas (ALLELUIA)


Best Picture: THE  BABADOOK (directed Jennifer Kent)

Best Screenplay: Jennifer Kent (THE  BABADOOK)

Best Director: Martín De Salvo (DARKNESS BY DAY)

Best Actor: Noah Wiseman (THE BABADOOK)

Best Actress: Essie Davis (THE  BABADOOK)


Best Picture: DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS DEAD  (director by Tommy Wirkola)

Best Director: Hans Petter Moland (IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE)

Best Screenplay: Vegar Hoel, Stig Frode Henriksen and Tommy Wirkola (DEAD SNOW 2: RED VS DEAD)

Best Actor: Pål Sverre Hagen (IN ORDER OF DISAPPEARANCE)

Best Actress: Sylvia Hoeks (BROS BEFORE HOS)


Best Picture: KUNG FU ELLIOT (director Jaret Belliveau)

Best Director: Tim Grabham, Jasper Sharp (THE CREEPING GARDEN)


Winner: THE STOMACH directed by Ben Steiner

Runner-up: INVADERS  directed by Jason Kupfer


Winner: THE VOICE THIEF directed by Adan Jodorowsky

Runner-up: MY FATHER IS A BIRD  (director Boaz Debby) and SOLITUDO (director Alice Lowe)


Winner: THE CHAPERONE (director Fraser Munden)

Runner-up: DAY 40 (director Sol Friedman)


Best in Show: BANANA CHALICE (developed by Kyle Reimergartin)


Gold Prize: HAVANA VAMPIRE TERRITORY (director Carlos Lechuga) and THE TURNED (director Andrés Rosende)

Silver Prize: FIERCE (director Francisco Lorite)

Bronze Prize: HURT (director Pablo Proenza)

Special Jury Mention for “Keeping the Spirit of the 80’s Alive”: THE SHADOWDWELLERS (producer Erick Salomon)

Jury Award for Work in Progress, and Chemistry Award: FRONDOSO EDEN DEL CORAZON (director Juan Manuel Fodde)

Morbido/Latam Consultation Award: EAT ME (director David Michán)

Invited to Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires for Blood Window / Beyond the Window Coproduction Meetings: HAVANA VAMPIRE TERRITORY (director Carlos Lechuga) and THE SHORE (director Juan Felipe Orozco)

Invited to Ventana Sur in Buenos Aires for Blood Window / Bloody Work in Progress: SCHERZO DIABOLICO (director Adrián García Bogliano)


Andrew Todd

For more information on the films listed above, visit





Drafthouse Films and FilmBuff announced today the acquisition of US distribution rights to the romantic-horror Spring at Fantastic Fest.Directed by Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead (creators of the critically acclaimed film festival darling Resolution), and shot in coastal Italy, the film was written by Benson and stars Lou Taylor Pucci (Evil Dead, Thumbsucker) and introduces Nadia Hilker. Springwas produced by Benson, Moorhead and David Lawson, with 9.99 Films producing the film in Italy and XYZ Films partners Nate Bolotin, Nick Spicer, Aram Tertzakian, and Todd Brown executive producing.

Spring’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival earlier this month earned high praise from audiences and critics. called it “a hybrid of Richard Linklater and H.P. Lovecraft,” and Sound On Sight lauded the film as a “sublimely constructed genre-bender.” Drafthouse Films and FilmBuff acquired the film following a packed-house screening in Austin, TX this past weekend at Fantastic Fest, the largest international genre film festival in the US. Its European premiere is slated for the forthcoming Sitges Film Festival, followed closely by the BFI London Film Festival. Drafthouse Films and FilmBuff plan a theatrical and video-on-demand release in early 2015.

A character-driven love story with an intriguing sci-fi/horror premise, Spring follows the story of a young man in a personal tailspin as he flees Southern California to the Italian coast, where he sparks up a romance with a beautiful woman carrying a dark secret. “Upon seeing Spring, we were instantly floored by the strength of the filmmaking, performances, and the film’s fresh voice,” said Steven Beckman, Head of Content at FilmBuff. “We have always been fans of Drafthouse Films and we are thrilled to be partnering together to connect the film with genre, art house, and broader audiences.”

The deal was negotiated by Nate Bolotin and Mette-Marie Katz of XYZ Films, James Emanuel Shapiro of Drafthouse, and Steven Beckman of FilmBuff.

XYZ has also sold multiple foreign territories for the film including Metrodome for the United Kingdom, Raven Banner for Canada, Falcon for the Middle East, and AT Entertainment for Japan.

“We chose Drafthouse and FilmBuff because they run more like a label than a corporation, and we know the release will be a collaboration. Above all they reward taking risks, making them among the few distributors that dare to be disruptive. We love being subversive while remaining broadly appealing, which is perfectly in line with the Drafthouse/FilmBuff philosophy. Tim League is a hero of ours and we couldn’t be more proud to join the family,” said Moorhead & Benson.

Moorhead & Benson are represented by Management 360, CAA and Ziffren Brittenham.


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