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FF2014 – ‘Bro’s Before Ho’s’ – movie review

Who knew that the Netherlands were so keen on the American culture that they could execute a concept better than we could imagine. One parts CLERKS, mixed with two parts THE RINGER, add a dash of every stoner movie in the 2000’s and ladies and gentlemen you have Steffan Haars and Flip Van der Kuil, BRO’S BEFORE HO’S. Winning awards for best comedy feature at FF, it’s a no brainer when you see this film. BRO’S BEFORE HO’S had me in tears. By the way I’m still laughing now.

Seriously out of all the bromance comedies out there how was something as simple as this concept missed? Now of course you have seen this in parts of films like WEDDING CRASHERS and the such, but never to this level. One of the best aspects of the film is how tasteless and belligerent the jokes are which are nothing short of perfect. Hey i’m a guy, most of you on this site are (let’s be honest now!). So we are more than familiar with this theory. In BRO’S BEFORE HO’S we find two brothers who due to their unfortunate upbringing have sworn off relationships forever. As the years go by the brothers stick to the plan and have been contempt with the usual one night stands. That is until Anna arrives, tall, beautiful and fun to be with. She is the exact wrench to cause issues in their plans.

What makes BRO’S BEFORE HO’S work is that the filmmakers were not afraid to bring out the heavy guns. If you don’t fall in love with Jordy (Huub Smith) after seeing this then BRO’S is not the film for you. While i’m sure it will be great for the filmmakers pockets, I never want to see this remade for OUR purposes. There is so much Americana in this film it is not needed.  The team of Max and Jules could compare with any bro couple on our screens here in the states.  BRO’S BEFORE HO’S should have also won the award for swankiest apartment in a movie. A video store with two level apartment sounds like heaven to me. Just like myself, it’s inevitable that you will call out all the different films found in here but the raunchiness, the tastefulness? Not too many films could compare. It’s as if the guys from CKY (you know before that tamed Jackass show) got together to make a good old stoner buddy comedy. Each character more memorable than the other and down right hilarious. BRO’S BEFORE HO’S is a film I plan on watching over and over. There were many gems shown at Fantastic Fest this year and BRO’S BEFORE HO’S was clearly one of them! 

p.s. Jordy’s “I’m Robin Hood scene is legendary!”

4.5 / 5

BRO’S BEFORE HO’S is directed by  Steffen Haars & Flip van der Kuil and stars Tim Haar, Daniel Arends, Sylvia Hoek,s Henry Van Loon, and Theo Maassen. 



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