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Hopefully you won’t get detention ‘After School Massacre’ heads to VOD this November

Looks as if with budget concerns and the appeal of retro to this generation youngsters there is small revival of slasher films. Not that they have ever gone away but it’s hard to deny that one of the best, but simplest forms of horror still reigns supreme. So with a slumber party, hot coeds, and a masked killer on the loose you know we are in for some good time in Jared Masters, AFTER SCHOOL MASSACRE. Being released courtesy of Brain Damage Films this tits and neck slits romp is heading to VOD on November 4th. Read on for all of the full details from Brain Damage.

Brain Damage Films invites you to sleep over with After School Massacre on VOD this November 4th!   Heads will roll, breasts will bounce, and these six girls will learn a new meaning for teacher appreciation in this fun yet brutal slasher.  Availability will include all major and minor cable/satellite VOD operators, as well as major internet platforms including iTunes, Vudu, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Xbox Video, and more.

A 12th grade European History educator, Ty Anderson, whose minor online communication with a teasing student finds him immediately terminated from school grounds and snaps him into a psychotic killing spree, terrorizing his former female students at their slumber party.

After School Massacre (previously titled “Teachers’ Day”) is the latest from writer/director Jared Masters (Slink) and his production company, Frolic Pictures.  The film, which was nominated for Best Feature at this year’s Shockfest, is a sure hit among horror fans with its hot pink, ring-pop terror and wanton slaying of beautiful underwear-clad girls!

It stars Nikole Howell, Savannah Matlow, Danika Galindo, Lindsay Lamb, Courtney Rood, Yasmine Soofi, and Simone Wasserman.  Additional cast includes Art Roberts, Dawna Lee Heising, and fun cameos including Mindy Robinson.

Look for a review on AFTER SCHOOL MASSACRE and much more as we get closer to the release!

For more information on AFTER SCHOOL MASSACRE visit their official sites:



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