Fantastic Fest

FF2014 – ‘Spring’ – movie review

The gentlemen who brought us the hit indie flick RESOLUTION return with their sophomore effort SPRING. This time around directors Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead tell a hauntingly beautiful tale of monsters and unconditional love. Starring Lou Taylor Pucci and the gorgeous and alluring Nadia Hilker as an estranged couple falling in love during the scheduled course of a hidden and deadly secret. A chick flick creature feature SPRING is as mesmerizing as the backdrop provided in this stunning looking thriller.

Love is a powerful feeling and the team of filmmakers prove that even during the course of the most unlikely circumstances; a one night stand can become an enduring long lasting connection. The brilliance found in SPRING is provided by the naivety of Evan (Pucci) jumbled with the balanced, chaotic, and overwhelming performance of Hilker. She truly brought this confusing and naturally inept monster to life in front of our eyes. The mysterious nature of Louise conflicted with the raw instinct of monster inside of her. The dynamic it allowed Nadia to pursue with Louise reminded you of a classic monsters moments of sympathy and regret. You will fall in love with Nadia Hilker in SPRING as she is both beauty and beast. The two carried the film exceptionally with sound writing showcasing their human faults which clearly weren’t the biggest problem.

Smart and brave is the story of SPRING. To go the route of combining a traditional monster story with new age science was brilliant. While it may go over the heads of the less informed viewers it is still worth noting. Benson and Moorhead went over and beyond their first effort to create this dark and beautiful piece of art. This may have been one of the more surprising features at FF this year. If one was to watch RESOLUTION then see SPRING it would be hard to believe this is the same team. That truly shows the range of these guys and has me thrilled to see what they could develop next. SPRING will do great among all viewers and shows why it was acquired during the course of the festival. SPRING is one to remember.

4 / 5

SPRING is directed Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead, It stars Lou Taylor Pucci and Nadia Hilker.


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