DVD Release

Brutality in torture and box ties Unearthed Films snatches ‘Visceral: Between The Ropes of Madness’

There is nothing better than a good old fashion game of tie me up right. Or maybe it’s called tie her up. Around these dark and seedy parts we are big fans of the arts and techniques of rope bondage, Shibari and Kinbaku. Unearthed Films shares the same passions to the extreme as they present to us VISCERAL: BETWEEN THE ROPES OF MADNESS. Ladies burn your mothers copies of 50 SHADES and bring her to us to see the dread filled trailer. The Chilean torture flick will be released by Unearthed in 2015. We will update you as soon as they tell us the release date but if you have not seen the trailer from director Felipe Eluti get ready! Read on for it and more!

Unearthed Films is proud to present VISCERAL: BETWEEN THE ROPES OF MADNESS.

A boxer loses the biggest fight of his life. He slowly finds himself, giving up his dream and finds that life is not worth living. At least, those lives around him are not worthy of life. He steps through and unleashes an entity that torments him and guile’s him to do unspeakable acts of torture and murder. As the body counts rise and lives are diminished, will he have any hope? Any way to fight back to what he once was?

Visceral: Between the Ropes of Madness will take the viewer into one of the darkest realms of our world, where S&M, brutality and insanity collide in an unrepentant firestorm of pure horror.


Enjoy the trailer and images and look for more on VISCERAL: BETWEEN THE ROPES OF MADNESS.


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