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BYO blood and beer ‘Hillbilly Horror Show’ Vol 4 – movie review

Hillbillies and horror go together like fried muskrat and white lightning in a tradition stretching back to Leatherface and his chainsaw dance. HILLBILLY HORROR SHOW is the fourth volume of a comedy horror show, showcasing up and coming horror filmmakers set against an Elvira-esque hour long anthology. Set in rural southern America, Hillbilly Horror takes great pains to not take itself seriously and in turn make the audience much more receptive to grassroots, limited release independent filmmakers.

Hillbilly Horror Show features five independent short horror films starting with “Strange Thing.” A tale of a young couple who awake one day to have their lives shaken by the sudden appearance of mysterious door that leads to the unknown. An interesting plot device to be sure, although it cannot go without saying that the filmmakers where Star Trek fans (Skin of Evil anyone…anyone?). “Til Death” follows as a nod to Hitchcock’s classic “Strangers on a Train.”and a grim warning to be careful what you wish for. “Til Death” is the tale of four sullen, middle aged men who desperately want to do away with their wives. Dark comedy ensues. The third film in our horror showcase is “Foodie,” a colorful examination of the yuppie foodie culture and the lengths some will go to find that perfect taste. Continuing the anthology is “The Hourglass Figure.” Seemingly a commentary on the desolation and middle aged angst of a generation of suburbanites struggling with the cut throat race to maintain First world perfection. The final film in the series is “Collision,” a beautifully shot apocalyptic film with almost no dialog. In its 150 second run time it tells spins a grand tale of the last days of a dying Earth and the final moments of the Human race.

Hillbilly Horror Show strives to bring as much independent horror into the light as possible. Unafraid to poke fun of itself, tongue and cheek are its bread and butter. Wrapped up in its batter dipped crust lie some real potential gems that just need a little polish. Open a cold one, thank Lulu for her SMO KIN shirt, and enjoy a bloody little time.




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