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Epic first episode of fan made web series ‘Slash/Up’ “Episode 1 Sarah Connor Vs Jason Voorhees”

Fan made films are nothing new to the world of horror but no one can deny their crossover appeal. The comics lead the way with mash ups like Alien vs Predator, Ash vs Freddy vs Jason, Hack/Slash and the like. With a new found interest in networks and video on demand services looking for content there seems to be more eyes on this particular format. Just recently a fan series created for Nightwing was able to release their first episode with a push from the public and crowd funding. So it only makes sense that horror would be next and we have spectacular offering with the new web series starring “our” heroes if you must. The monsters and killers of the horror industry. In WTFLOL’s new series SLASH/UP (sound familiar?) it combines characters from the horror, sci fi, and fantasy world and mash them up with other creatures from all realms. In the first episode we see the hard nosed kick ass Sarah Connor from the TERMINATOR series going one on one with our favorite campground killer Jason Voorhees. Clearly you would think this is a mismatch but think more of along the lines of the militant Connors from T2. SLASH/UP’s first episode is put together nicely and makes for an entertaining episode and shows tons of promise for the series.

Image from SLASH/UP Episode 1 Sarah Connor Vs Jason Voorhees courtesy of WTFLOL

Image from SLASH/UP Episode 1 Sarah Connor Vs Jason Voorhees courtesy of WTFLOL

The first episode kicks off with the lovely and talented host Lisa Corrao given a quick breakdown on the show and what’s expected. That’s followed by a very unnecessary segment explaining the two franchises involved and why certain characters were used. My only issue with that is, hey we are all nerds here we get it. Just the names of Connor and Voorhees alone are enough to gear us up for something special. I don’t need a history lesson on films we have all seen 500 times over. Spare me the “it’s for people who have not seen the films” excuse also. Have you seen the youth? They really could care less and would not be initially the ones interested in this type of series anyway. All that aside SLASH/UP an amazing web series. There was really no place I could go wrong with the set up or execution. The characters were spot on and Nicole Marines and Derek Russo were great as Sarah and Jason. They really played off of the traits of each character with a special surprise at the end. This type of show is truly needed in the horror world and hopefully won’t get the same results as online horror game TERRORDROME. SLASH/UP has a Kickstarter up right now for the second episode which sounds awesome. They are looking to mash up Neo from THE MATRIX against Freddy Kruger. That sounds epic so hopefully we will see the crowd funding reach completion. Here is the link to the Kickstarter and also the bad ass first episode for you to see. Enjoy the web series everyone will be taking this Halloween season.

Image from SLASH/UP Episode 1 Sarah Connor Vs Jason Voorhees courtesy of WTFLOL

Image from SLASH/UP Episode 1 Sarah Connor Vs Jason Voorhees courtesy of WTFLOL


3.5/ 5


SLASH/UP Episode 1 Sarah Connor vs Jason Voorhees:




Behind the scenes Episode 1:


SLASH/UP Episode 1 “Sarah Connor vs Jason Voorhees” is Written & Directed by BRIAN ROSENTHAL. It stars Derek Russo, Nicole Marines, Chris Frank , Joshua Borcyk, Lindsay Croucher, Anna Schulman  and Anthony Caruso.



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