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Horror anthology ‘Date of the Dead’ world premiere at Tucson Terror Fest

The city of Tucson has an unbelievable film festival lineup that we don’t see too many folks talking about. With films like THE PERFECT HUSBAND, CHRYSALIS and PIN UP DOLLS ON ICE, it’s truly a lineup worth your time. Another film that is sure to cause waves at the fest is the horror comedy anthology from filmmaker Grant Nelson DATE OF THE DEAD. Showcasing everything from home invasions to zombie romps this trilogy of terror will be one to watch for on the weekend’s schedule. DATE OF THE DEAD is scheduled to make it’s world premiere on Saturday October 25th and we have the details along with a bunch of stills from the film.

Image from DATE OF THE DEAD courtesy of Self Destruct Films

Image from DATE OF THE DEAD courtesy of Self Destruct Films


DATE OF THE DEAD, the much talked about comedy horror will have its World Premiere at the Tucson Terrorfest on Oct. 25th at 7:10pm. This dark comedy horror anthology has 3 different types of horror genres, the slasher, home invasion, and the main course, zombies. Each film showcases a different cast, and style of its own, and all were written and directed by Grant Nelson. Date of the Dead creeps its way to big screen with laughs and scares for its world premiere on Oct. 25th!

Date of the Dead is a dark comedy horror anthology that showcases 3 different types of horror genres, Slasher, Home Invasion, and the main course, zombies. Starting with home invasion, an awkward couple hang out out a house while a group of masked men outside have different plans for their night. The slasher pits a detached male high school student up against an evil squad of cheerleaders which ultimately leads to a climax that no one will see coming. In the final short, a man is plagued with commitment issues, while one night tossing aside yet another female victim he meets a different kind of girl. Could she be the one? Unfortunately on this night the corpses of his previous relationships “rise from the grave” to reclaim him. One girl is never enough for Corbin, but by the end of the night Corbin will have his fill.


DATE OF THE DEAD will screen with the short TAPED. For more information on the Tucson Terrorfest visit the official site:



DATE OF THE DEAD is directed by Grant Nelson and stars Kelsey Reinhard, Andy Gonzalez, Cortney Noel and more.


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