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Let’s take a ride to the gateway to Hell ‘Devil’s Door’ – movie review

Religion, heaven, hell, possession and the devil have always been very popular in the world of horror movies. Even more so when it involves found footage films. Alpesh Patel takes you on a journey of adolescence curiosity in the eyes of four girls with DEVIL’S DOOR. The girls soon learn that messing with the devil can only lead to dangerous and sometimes deadly things. Though DEVIL’S DOOR as a film doesn’t only focus on the gateway to hell or one of the three points for the devils entrance, it also has hints of the Santeria, possession and the supernatural.


Image from DEVIL'S DOOR

Image from DEVIL’S DOOR

The four girls, the movie follows throughout, decides it is a good idea to visit the Devils Door or the gateway to hell. This has been a place they have seen since they were little, but never had the nerve to visit. The girls mockingly call on the devil and ask him to come to them. Pretty much taunting his existence as they clearly think it is a joke. Though from lessons learned or watched, we all know this never ends well and it is never fun and games. The girls immediately start to experience the wrath of the one they called, when each receives bloody tears in their flesh. Small creepy out of place things continue to happen. The girls soon come across a demon possessed girl who is in need of their help and little black book of hers with ramblings and drawings of clues that could help her and themselves.


What I liked about DEVIL’S DOOR, is that the movie doesn’t overdue the creepy hauntings the girls experience. It starts all subtle but increases in intensity throughout the movie. All the camera and security footage is horrifying through the eyes of the girls when they are filmed and watched the security footage of themselves while sleeping. There is a creepy sensation knowing that something or someone is in the room or around the girls at all times. Every situation the girls put themselves in you find yourself thinking, you know what you are about to do is crazy! You really feel the raw emotion that the girls are experiencing and seeing throughout the DEVIL’S DOOR.


I would say that for a movie that was written, produced, edited and also shot pretty much by one person, this film was an esteem accomplishment. Alpesh Patel does a good job at keeping the film well focused and smooth with all he personally does with the film. You have some similarities from movies like Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity but all done with a twist to fit what Alpesh was trying to portray through the girls emotions and experiences.





DEVIL’S DOOR is directed by Alpesh Patel and stars Camila Monclova, Nashma Amir, Mariana Monclova, Katherine Zoe, and Isis Cardona.








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