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Browser not supported ‘Cam2Cam’ – movie review

There is nothing I hate more than a lazy film maker. As an audience member we invest our time in a horror film and hope that we are shown something horrifying, scary and entertaining. It seems like Joel Sossion the director of Cam2Cam has either never seen a horror film or just didn’t give two damns while making the film.

Image from CAM2CAM courtesy of IFC.

Image from CAM2CAM courtesy of IFC.

Set in Bangkok Thailand, an American tourist (Tammin Sursok) rents a room in a run down apartment block (with a bunch of sexy twenty-somethings). She is given a card by a sexy French lady to use a website called Cam2Cam in which people strip for money. Apparently everyone in the apartment block is on the website, how convenient! After the insanely long and drawn out first kill it becomes apparent that people are hunting down users from the website. The plot description might sound vague but thats only because the plot is so damn confusing with story lines that end abruptly or just make no rational sense.

The first 30 minutes, is one scene, let me repeat that. ONE. Scene. It has a, you guessed it, sexy young woman chatting to another sexy young woman on what looks like MSN Messenger. Wait….isn’t this 2014, not sure why they are still using MSN. Get with the time girls! Her use of abbreviations (l8r, btr, wnt) while chatting online is the only horrifying thing in this scene, it’s like she is allergic to proper spelling or the use of capital letters. Anyway she watches a woman she is supposedly talking to online and it takes her about 15 minutes to realize that the person stripping on camera isn’t the one typing. Yep, this sexy girl wasn’t blessed with smarts. Things turn sour and she is eventually killed but the only gore you end up seeing is some blood splatter on white curtains. COME ON!!!!

Image from CAM2CAM courtesy of IFC.

Image from CAM2CAM courtesy of IFC.

As you can imagine this doesn’t set the film up very well but gave me the perfect taste of things to come. We are then introduced to characters we don’t care about who behave like they have multi-personality disorder. The acting in Cam2Cam is mediocre/bad at best (and not in a fun campy way). The writing is a let down as it’s blatantly obvious that the screenwriters wanted to tackle the issues of the internet but failed miserably in doing so. Cam2Cam eventually becomes an after school special and the only message it leaves you with is that once you start using the Internet you will make porn and DIE. It’s also interesting that the film touches on the subject of lesbians and transgenders however not in any insightful or interesting ways. I’m guessing these subjects were just used to shock and excite young teenage boys. The only positives I can think of about the film were the location shots of Thailand which were very pretty, however every single Thai person used in the film was portrayed as evil and creepy which could come across as a little racist.

Image from CAM2CAM courtesy of IFC.

Image from CAM2CAM courtesy of IFC.

I’m a big fan of ‘bad’ horror films, for example Nurse 3D, released earlier this year wasn’t what you would call a ‘good’ film however it was made with enough kookiness to be fun and exciting. Cam2Cam is just uncreative, lazy film-making trying to make a quick buck off some poor sod who liked the front cover of a topless girl holding a hatchet. So trust me on dis n do not log in 2 Cam2Cam.



CAM2CAM is directed by Joel Soisson and stars  Tammin Sursok, Ben Wiggins, Sarah Bonrepaux, Jade Taylor, and Russell Geoffrey Banks. It is being released courtesy of IFC Midnight. 


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