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Name the scenario insert the zombie ‘Zombie Hood’ – DVD review

If one was to take every scene you could ever imagine in a zombie flick and turn it into one film that would be Steve Best, ZOMBIE HOOD. Now available here in the states on DVD this UK zombie romp is a must have for any pure fan of the undead. What stands out the most about HOOD is the amount of characters on display as in almost comic book fashion you are warped into each owns version of chaos. When we say every zombie flick we truly mean it as this is one of the first films we’ve seen implore the slow and fast moving zombie scenarios consecutively. There is almost a Tarantino esque quality to the direction of the film but done with the raw and grittiness found in indie horror today.  

Image from ZOMBIE HOOD courtesy of BrinkVision

Image from ZOMBIE HOOD courtesy of BrinkVision

One minor annoyance that almost seemed intentional in ZOMBIE HOOD was the oblivious nature of most of the inhabitants of the area. While most people in these scenarios would be in a state of panic there was a catatonic type progression during each encounter with the undead. If one was to walk in on ZOMBIE HOOD there may be moments of confusion as the film finally settles down on one group in the second half. Even still it’s not immediately clear who to root for which only has us believe the stars have to be the zombies themselves. Just the fact that Best covers almost the entire zombie demographic has us to believe this is true. There are few moments to invest in any character but at times with the dramatic approach you feel as if each victim was monumental. We are not sure what kind of budget the crew had but it was clear they had a sh** load of people invested in this film. Rather it was an annual zombie walk or a charity drive whatever they did to bring this many extras into the film to play the zombie roles where pretty impressive. Without a shadow of a doubt this film contains total consumption of genre.

pick 2

While ZOMBIE HOOD does not contain the finish found in other UK undead films that have reached our borders it certainly has a place. If anything it is a reminder that both the US and UK indie filmmakers are all willing to think outside of the box to provide more engaging content to keep us fans hungry. Don’t be fooled by the silly name attached to the project the only reason the words ZOMBIE HOOD are valid is because we are witnesses not just the transformation of a person into the undead but a transformation of a community. Raw and with an uneasy staggered pace ZOMBIE HOOD is one of the better releases to the genre for the last few years.


3 / 5


ZOMBIE HOOD is directed by Steven Best and stars Harry Keeling, Tom Murton, Richard Lee O’Donnell, Alice Joyce, Jade Blocksidge, Alexandra Lyon, Ed Nudd, Adelle Overton and Featuring Marcus Akin. Is is now available on DVD courtesy of BrinkVision.


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