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Seedy slow burning erotic thriller ‘After Midnight’ – movie review

What happens when strippers start dying would anyone notice? Or would anyone care? When a string of murders plague a local gentleman’s club not too many clues are left to identify a killer and not too many people seem to have questions. When it comes to Fred Olen Ray’s new erotic thriller AFTER MIDNIGHT those are some of the things to consider. This scantily clad romp stars Catherine Annette as Constance a local television news reporter who has just found out one her sister Rikki (Tawny Kitaen)  is the victim of a brutal murder. Instead of relying on the authorities she decides to take matters in her own hands. She goes undercover to become a stripper and enters a world unlike she has ever seen. AFTER MIDNIGHT is poignant erotic thriller with a twist that will drop you flat. Fred Olen Ray sinister sleaze epic is a T & A filled journey through deceit and corruption.

Image from Fred Olen Ray's AFTER MIDNIGHT

Image from Fred Olen Ray’s AFTER MIDNIGHT

While the overall story or production won’t wow you there are a few things to enjoy with AFTER MIDNIGHT. We have already mentioned some of the visuals goodies but the overall concept and tone are very agreeable. Fred Olen Ray is no stranger to films with women in dispositional roles but there is a smartness on hand here in AFTER MIDNIGHT. Catherine does extraordinary work as Constance though her dancing scene did all but snatch away the idea that she was a novice at this. The chaotic world of a strippers locker in on full display as we see the girls volley for position more than worry about their co workers death. It’s a startling and cold reality in a dog eat dog world and Constance not only learns the ropes but because quite suited for it. This type of interaction allows for moments of tense build up as you start to question if someone at the club is involved with the killings. The only source of help she can find outside of the club is that of Dr. Sam Hubbard played by Richard Grieco. When there is no one we can turn to for help you can only imagine the things we are capable of.

Image from Fred Olen Ray's AFTER MIDNIGHT

Image from Fred Olen Ray’s AFTER MIDNIGHT


AFTER MIDNIGHT is no doubt a guilty pleasure. While the set up is basic the direction of the story is really what keeps you on ease. Very reminiscent of the popular crime thrillers of the 90’s AFTER MIDNIGHT strips away all the glamour and glitz of the dancer lifestyle to provide a frightening tale for anyone who works the late shift. There is a nod to a De Palma inspired crime classics in AFTER MIDNIGHT which many will find are worth the watch. Sadly it won’t be for everyone but there is an audience of American moviegoers hungry for filth mix with an intense storyline and that’s what you can expect here.


2.5/ 5

AFTER MIDNIGHT is directed by Fred Olen Ray and stars Tim Abell, Marliss Amiea, Catherine Annette, Richard Grieco, and Tawny Kitaen. AFTER MIDNIGHT will be available on VOD Tuesday October 28th courtesy of Phase 4 Films.



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