Celebrate Halloween with a few awesome infographics from NYFA

Halloween is almost here and while some of the parties have been had most of us are gearing up for a great weekend. To pump you up a little more we were contacted by the New York Film Academy about two dope ass infographics involving our beloved holiday and they are quite the tease for Samhain. One infographic is a horror movie death quiz while the the other is their version of the top 10 horror darkest characters in film. These are done very well and we think you guys will get a kick out of the choose your own adventure style of the first. If you complete the horror movie death quiz make sure you share this article and hashtag: #HowIDied

Check out the release and infographics straight from NYFA:

For this Halloween, we decided to take a look at some of the more legendary deaths in the horror genre, creating a choose-your-own-adventure style game where you can pick between two paths to see how you would most likely die in a horror movie. Of course, this is all in fun and while we don’t expect you to be in the shower while playing along, we wanted to create a fun exercise that would guide you through the iconic deaths of horror while poking a little fun at the genre’s more predictable impulses.


Top 10 Darkest Characters in Film:



For more information visit their site: https://www.nyfa.edu


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