Crowd Funding

She works hourly so lets fund ‘Night of the Babysitter’

One of our good friends the talented filmmaker Jeff Wedding who brought us the incredible A MEASURE OF THE SIN is attached to an enticing new feature. Set to be shot with 16mm the sleazy looking first feature from Louis Edward Doerge, NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTER has launched it’s Indiegogo campaign and we have all the juicy goods for you. The usual line up of perks is on hand so make sure you check out what the film has to offer.  NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTERS stars the alluring  Dora Madison Burge and includes hip hop emcee NOM.


Night of The Babysitter is Horror, crime, sex and hip hop are united in this rousing portrayal of a father and daughters’ unpardonable revenge, starring Dora Madison Burge (Friday Night Lights, Dexter, and the new Terrence Malick movie!). A crime thriller in the guise of a horror slasher, our tale  is centered around a father, simply known as FATHER, and his daughter, THE BABYSITTER, during their final acts of a year-long revenge against those Father blames for the death of his wife.

In true, low budget horror movie fashion, we are shooting Night of The Babysitter on Kodak Super 16mm Motion Picture Film so that it looks genuine and gorgeous. Our Director of Photography is celluloid maestro, Jeff Wedding, who wrote the insanely beautiful A Measure of the Sin.

You can’t have a killer movie without a killer soundtrack. We have indie-rock sensation, FUTURE DEATH, who will play a song in the film. They recently received massive praise from Pitchfork, and Rolling Stone. Upcoming and critically acclaimed hip-hop emcee NOM will also be acting in the film, and contributing music to the soundtrack.

We just launched our indiegogo campaign and definitely need the support of genre movie fans everywhere to see this unique, sinister piece of cinema become a reality!




Enjoy the dynamite pictures and posters from NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTER and look for more on this in the near future.



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