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A Really Long Freaky Episode of Intervention ‘Inner Demons’ – movie Review

By The HorrorFatale

Although Hollywood has beat the found footage shtick to death, every once in a while they attempt a new twist with the increasingly tired sub-genre, enter the film Inner Demons.

Inner Demons is set as a “docu-ality” of sorts that follows Carson (Lara Vosburgh) as a teenage heroin addict who is fighting her addiction. We learn that Carson was once a bible-thumping good Christian girl that somewhere along the way jumped right into a bag of drugs and hasn’t crawled out yet. However, she doesn’t feel she is an ordinary addict, Carson believes she is possessed. The heroin is keeping her demonic rages and the demona at bay, or so she thinks. Wait, isn’t that what schizophrenic people say too? Hmmm.

Image from INNER DEMONS courtesy of IFC Midnight

Image from INNER DEMONS courtesy of IFC Midnight

Like most possession films we the audience are shown several situations that could be supernatural. In one scene straight out of the Exorcist Carson tells her fellow rehab members private things about themselves no one would know. I mean dark, dark things. Carson is also extremely violent and manages to throw full grown people across rooms, when she’s in attack mode. Good for her!

Are these the acts of a mentally disturbed individual, or in this case the acts of a young woman acting out under the influence. With the extra layer of addiction we are at first uncertain if Carson ‘needs a priest or a straitjacket’. And it also poses another question, is someone suffering from mental illness more susceptible to possession or, do demons just really like the mentally ill?

Image from INNER DEMONS courtesy of IFC Midnight

Image from INNER DEMONS courtesy of IFC Midnight

The production value of the film is well done, and director, Seth Grossman, does a fairly good job of keeping the films pace going at a reasonable rate. However, as hard as it tries Inner Demons suffers from the same over done plot of its predecessors. In fact The Last Exorcism is pretty much the same film without the hypodermic needles.  But it’s a nice try.

Image from INNER DEMONS courtesy of IFC Midnight

Image from INNER DEMONS courtesy of IFC Midnight

The first half of the film will have you questioning the things you did see, but the last act of the movie answers your questions in a rewarding way. Hint: there’s violence. Although Inner Demons is interesting, horror is not, it’s just one long episode of Intervention with more blood.

2.5 / 5


INNER DEMONS is directed by Seth Grossman and stars Lara Vosburgh and Morgan McClellan. It is currently available on demand courtesy of IFC Midnight.


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