Terror Channel

Horror Movies Uncut & Movie and Music Network presents ‘Trapped’

This month on HMUNCUT we present the online feature TRAPPED for you to enjoy. This progressive thriller  uses modern age technology to tell a story of terror for a group of friends at a birthday celebration. The main draw of the film is the online webcast where the killer is able to to gain different amounts of cash based on who he kills, or provokes to kill. The only stipulation is the victims must remained “trapped” in a small area where their own inner demons are put on display.

The downside of TRAPPED is the slow burning build up of the back story of each victim. The saving grace for this aspect is the BREAKFAST CLUB manner in the way they are brought to us. Nerd, loner girl and all inhabit the closet in Drew Stewart’s engaging thriller which has no issue providing the blood spill. It’s the perfect slasher to kick into Turkey season as the high body count is prime for the stuffing. We are happy to have TRAPPED as our selection of the month because we really enjoyed the essence this film provided. If you can get past the depth of the victims interaction there will be plenty to enjoy with TRAPPED and the killer “Ladyface” (David Marc) was an memorable killer that gave an extra shine on the film.


Head over to Movies and Music Network and watch TRAPPED on us and see one of the smarter indie thrillers from 2013. -Travis

Head here now to watch TRAPPED on us:



2 / 5


TRAPPED is directed by Drew Stewart and stars Aryanne Padilha, Theo Crisell, Kiri Stevens, Angela Raimondi, Michael Eck, Cat Miller, David Marc, and Drew Stewart.



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