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Sexy and disturbing new trailer for Adam Hardman’s ‘The Lower Angels’

Set to make its premiere at this year’s New York City Horror Film Festival is underground filmmaker Adam Hardman provocative looking vamp tale THE LOWER ANGELS. It all goes down November 16th. While the HMUNCUT staff is unable to attend the fest Adam was kind enough to share the trailer with us to bring to you. Grimey, dark and down right intriguing and we can’t to see more from this film and we have the synopsis and some images here for your enjoyment. We are looking forward to seeing this one so if you are attending the NYC Horror Film Festival make sure you don’t miss this screening.

From what we see in the trailer this is a gritty NYC vampire flick. THE LOWER ANGELS reminds us of cult classics such as VAMP and INNOCENT BLOOD. See for yourself and be on the look out for more from.


There is a killer on the loose.


There is a monster, in the form of a man, preying nightly on young women.


The two meet on the streets of New York City and together they descend into a world of blood, lust, revenge and murder.

Haily wakes in a cloud of confusion. Where is she? What happened to her? She has nothing but a fragmented nightmare. She was drugged and raped, and left in some shit hole apartment building. No one will help her, or will they? Gabriella kills men so regularly it has become boring. She rips out their throats, drinks their blood, and feasts on their memories.  Gabriella can give Haily the power to take revenge on the man who raped her, but will she condemn Haily to an eternity of darkness? Running from the sunrise, tortured by the past, with bloody mouths and hungry knives Gabriella and Haily find a truth neither wants to face.

Brutal, seductive, and intelligent, The Lower Angels is an unconventional vampire story destined for a place in the cult classic canon.




THE LOWER ANGELS is directed by Adam Hardman and stars  Cole Marshall, Shanti Carson, Liz Fye and more.



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