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Horror Update: ‘The Ungovernable Force’ debut stills

Last time we checked in with the guys at Ungovernable Films they sent us the trailer for their exploitation film HONKY HOLOCAUST. During that process they has just started shooting another feature we mentioned called THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE. Well the grindhouse/punxploitation epic has just wrapped up shooting and they have some updates on a few cast members along with some new photos to see. The film stars the conic Tony Moran and Debbie Rochon and we have a little details on who they are in the film.

In the film you have Tony Moran playing Mafia boss Don Corbucci, Debbie Rochon is playing the evil Fascist Dr. Galton who commands Sheriff Dupont to do her bidding, Apache Ramos makes a cameo reminiscent of the role that made him famous in The Warriors. Instead of an Orphan, in our world he’s an Abortion. Bill Weeden plays Kevin, the militant leader of the homeless bums that have joined forces with the punks. And Llloyd Kaufman makes an appearance as the main characters father. THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE also stars adult director the award winning Nic Cramer. Here are the full details behind THE GOVERNABLE FORCE:


The Ungovernable Force is the latest hunk of rotting meat that Paul M McAlarney has ripped free from the back burner, a production using a script he penned over the past few months and in the same vein as Honky Holocaust, the feature film Paul and the post-production crew are currently wrapping up and preparing for a festival run. The Ungovernable Force takes the raw gross-out b-horror humor of Street Trash and fuses it with the subculture-exploiting theme of Suburbia; add to that the very tangible plot line of bums (not unlike those in Street Trash) teaming up with punks (not unlike those in Suburbia) to fight a sadistic sheriff running for mayor on the American Fascist Party platform. Just when you thought “All cops are bastards” and other overused punk cliches couldn’t possibly be used any more liberally, The Ungovernable Force comes tumbling off the big silver screen with abundant and unnecessary nudity, violence, shock, gore, obscenity, profanity, controversy, taboo, drugs, sex, cop-killing, punk rock fun! With a killer soundtrack in the making and prospective cameos of punk and b-horror legends, The Ungovernable Force takes every taboo and offensive element of society and forces it down the audience’s throat, all while spoon-feeding the tortured audience a splendid tale of heartbreak, romance, and a coming-of-age drama between close friends, set against a punk and bum backdrop. As if The Ungovernable Force couldn’t get better, it has an overarching civil rights message, taking a very in-your-face stance against homophobia, violence against the homeless, materialism, fascism, and most of all police oppression. The Ungovernable Force follows Sal Purgatory as he overcomes a recent heartbreak and rendezvouses with his close friends, stealing cop cars, frequenting punk shows, vandalizing abandoned buildings, and living once again. Before he knows it, Sal has found himself in love again and entangled in the strange and complex underworld of a homeless society and inadvertently begins a revolution against a fascist cop and his two deputies to put an end to the cops’ raping and murdering of the homeless women in town. Utilizing help from the Italian mafia, fighting hipsters, and exploring their ambiguous sexuality, the characters in The Ungovernable Force are the archetypes anyone can relate to in a fight against the kind of oppression that anybody with a brain will condemn. Oh, and there are monsters. How can it get better? You’ll have to wait and see when it comes out! Oi oi oi! The film stars cult and horror legends like Debbie Rochon (Scream Queen Of The Decade), Tony Moran ( The Original Michael Myers 1981), Lloyd Kaufman (President and CEO Of Troma Filma), Apache Ramos (The Warriors), Bill Weeden (NYC Acting and Troma Legend), and Nic Cramer (Legendary Adult Film Director and 3 Time AVN Award Winner). Some punk rock legends from the UK have also lent us their voice talents. Zillah of Rubella Ballet, Steve Ignorant from Crass, Mesi of Angelic Upstarts, and The Shend of The Cravats will be appearing in the film via the UK. The film is currently in post production so enjoy these pics and look for more real soon on THE UNGOVERNABLE FORCE.



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