New age fatal attraction ‘Open Windows’ – movie review

Hitting limited theaters this weekend is the visually stimulating thriller from Nacho Vigalondo OPEN WINDOWS. The film stars Elijah Wood as Nick Chambers who runs a blog dedicated to to his favorite actress Jill Goddard (Sasha Grey). A night that was suppose to be the interview of a lifetime becomes a nightmarish journey as Nick is given a special invitation to have access to more than just 15mins of her time by a man claiming to be her manager. He has access to all her devices and gets to be the number one witness to a madman’s game to destroy her. OPEN WINDOWS is a new age thriller you can’t miss.

Sasha Grey in OPEN WINDOWS

Sasha Grey in OPEN WINDOWS


The general set up of the film is very interactive with the viewer which makes it quite the treat. Not only do you see the the good and the bad of the situations dealing with Chambers you also experience the moments to find his answers. From keyboard strokes to facetime chats on the cellphone OPEN WINDOWS is an experience like no other. The technology really helps push the storyline ahead as truly the main idea behind WINDOWS is no different than anything you will see on the Lifetime Network. The roles that both Wood and Grey play are not too far fetched from other roles so their execution is pretty flawless. Unfortunately that does not make for great character development as the portraying of a nerdish weirdo and over coddled movie starlet. During the course of watching the feature it brings about the believability that this maybe the future of social interactions with the stars and the danger that could come from it . From twitter to personal skype sessions and all day following apps, our voyeuristic nature is becoming overwhelming. Nacho is just the type of filmmaker to capitalize on that. The main difference between OPEN WINDOWS and other webcam thriller like SKYPEMARE and THE DEN is those instances were mostly based on what the user was looking through. Whereas in WINDOWS there is one central figure getting all the attention. It’s a reality that is not to far away from where we are right now and Nacho reminds us how frightening it can be.

Elijah Wood in OPEN WINDOWS

Elijah Wood in OPEN WINDOWS


What makes OPEN WINDOWS one of the best thrillers of the year is outside of the visual stimulation in the film there is tons of depth. Home invasion, stalkers, torture and deviant sex acts are all apart of this production. The capabilities of the film keep you engaged the entire time and brings an ending that will knock you down flat. You will want to see OPEN WINDOWS again and again to satisfy the stimulating juices in your head. A little over 90 minutes is a tad too long for what it is but the interaction will keep you glued the entire time. While it seems as if a few fans don’t completely enjoy the film, I think they are just looking too deep into. Expecting something that I really can’t understand. It could be due to the fact that Wood seems to be etched into this type of role but hey didn’t Anthony Perkins make the best Psycho? While many of you are coming down from a full month high of horror  OPEN WINDOWS is a good change of place flick that I think many mainstream fans will enjoy more than others. If it’s not playing in a theater near you look for it on demand.


3.5 / 5


OPEN WINDOWS is directed by Nacho Vigalondo and stars Sasha Grey and Elijah Wood. It is now playing in limited theaters and on demand. It is being released courtesy of Cinedigm.



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