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Sharp and precise ‘CUT’ – horror short review

There is nothing more integral to the American Dream than the underdog. The person who starts with nothing and with little more than their grit and determination builds an empire. The home workshop inventors, the garage bands, the small business owners, and in the case of CUT, the horror movie lovers who take their free time to write a love letter to the art that has fueled their dreams. CUT is the brain child of Eric Pabon (a life long lover of the genre) and is homage to 80’s slasher flicks. Filmed over the course of four weekends with a purported budget of $600, CUT is as independent as independent horror can get.

Image from CUT

Image from CUT

Set on a deserted farm house, CUT is the story of an ambitious director trying to capture the magic of a real scare for an audience that has survived Hitchcock and Romero and Craven. Beset by production issues early on, the director is inspired to create a documentary of the production itself, so that the story of his grand project will be hold truthfully. As production issues continue and tensions rise, the slashing commences and people start disappearing in classic horror style. And so our small film crew is made smaller at each step as they desperately fight to survive against their shadowy oppressor.

 And the slashing commences. CUT does its very best to include every recognizable trope of the slasher genre that it may border on parody. However, while CUT does poke some light heartedness at the genre, it is never done critically; it is all done from a warm place. CUT plays well enough as a weekend warrior project, but plays even better as a commentary on what has become of the modern horror audience. For decades now the boundary of what it takes to scare an audience has been pushed and pushed, that it seems the only trigger left for an audience is realism. This leads us down the path of A Serbian Film instead of The Haunting. Better or worse? You decide.


CUT in its entirety  :


CUT Poster

CUT Poster


CUT VHS poster

CUT VHS poster


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