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Horror Update: Bill Oberst Jr joins ‘Night of The Babysitter’

Last week we mentioned a sick looking new erotic thriller starring Dora Madison Burge from filmmaker Louis Edward Doerge NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTER. Well we are now very pleased to announce that site favorite Bill Oberst Jr is now set to join the cast. This adds to the already busy palate of Bill but if you know his work he will make a fine addition. Bill will have a pivot role in the film playing Dora’s father. Read on for the full details and don’t forget to check out their current crowd funding campaign.

Actor, Bill Oberst Jr. (The Retrieval, Circus of the Dead, Criminal Minds) has officially agreed to play the lead role opposite rising star, Dora Madison Burge (Friday Night Lights, Dexter, That’s What I’m Talking About) in Louis Edward Doerge’s horror/crime thriller, Night of the Babysitter. Bill will be playing the enigmatic FATHER of Dora, who has enlisted his daughter’s help in his year-long revenge against those he blames for the death of his wife.

Bill Oberst had this to say about his involvement in the film:

“One of the great pleasures of this business is encountering rising young writing and directing talents on their way up. When those rising talents also happen to take cinema seriously as an art form, as Louis Doerge does, that’s when real magic can happen. NIGHT OF THE BABYSITTER is dark and sinister; bold and original. It’s an arthouse crime film in the guise of a horror movie. The script does what movies are supposed to do – it submerges the reader’s imagination into a world of the filmmaker’s choosing, and I believe the movie is going to do exactly the same thing. I’m excited to be onboard and I hope fans of arthouse movies, thriller movies, horror movies and crime movies (not to mention the legion of fans of Dora Madison Burge) will get excited about it, too.”

Doerge said about Bill Oberst’s involvement, “We are extremely excited to be working with the incredible talent that is Bill Oberst. He’s more than well versed in these genres and is a cinematic force to be reckoned with.”


Night of the Babysitter, which is going to be shot on Super 16mm film by Jeff Wedding (Measure of the Sin), begins shooting late January. There is currently a crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO for the Money raised from the campaign will go to paying crew salaries, so they don’t have to work for deferred pay, and film processing costs.


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