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A teenage zombie flick for the timid audience ‘FAIRFIELD’ -movie review

So many people across the world come up with great ideas or inventions that we either are told wouldn’t work or we are convinced to do something with it and the sparks start to fly. This is exactly what writers Isaac Loftus and Julian Singleton did with their creative project Fairfield. Now not all writers have billions of dollars to make a movie, so Isaac and Julian took their movie to Kickstarter and the games began. Successfully raising the money they needed, there movie was funded and has a cast that is worth recognizing, which includes Juliet Landau, Chris Riggi, and Grant Rosenmyer.

Image from FAIRFIELD

Image from FAIRFIELD

Fairfield directed by Michael O’Brian, is a zombie movie that is for the soft hearted . The movie is thrown into a suspecting chaoticness, of an outbreak that is going on in the outside world. Two brothers, Michael Cooper (Jack Buckley) and Gabriel Cooper (Chris Bellant) gather their things to make their way to one of the few safe havens that people were scattering to find safety in. Gabe runs to gather the last of their things but comes back to he and his brother fighting for their lives from one of the infected within their home. As Michael wasn’t so lucky, Gabe pulls himself together and makes his way to the high school for refuge. Gabe is in hopes of finding the love of his life and salvation. Gabe arrives at the school to find five other students, held up in the library trying to stay safe from the infection. The relationships that build between these six teens are a great comfort for them and all truths start to come out the longer they are locked up. They all are different in social class, but the bond becomes strong as they fight for their lives.


As I mentioned Fairfield is a zombie flick for the weak hearted with a focus on teen drama. You basically get The Breakfast Club meets a child’s version of 28 days later. Now that isn’t meant to be a dis on the movie because I am a child of the 80’s and I LOVE Breakfast club as movie, but the movie does focus more on the relationship between the characters then zombies at all. The drama, insecurities and jealousy between the teens becomes more apparent throughout the movie, but you only get spurts of zombie attacks or even possible infection. With having a low budget, the times you did see zombie attacks the special effects were done well and the delivery was good. You do start building a relationship with the characters and I feel any teen that watches this movie could/can relate to each teen character in the movie. Fairfield as a hole is a good movie, but it seems to be more of a drama/thriller and not what a zombie fan would expect to watch.


2.5 / 5

FAIRFIELD is directed by  Mattheau O’Brien and written and produced by Isaac Shyamalan Loftus. It stars Juliet Landau, Chris Bellant, and Chris Riggi. FAIRFIELD is currently seeking distribution.


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