DVD Release

It’s all ‘The Strain’ you can handle and then some

Here at HMUNCUT we try and keep it all about the movies. Though in our community we know the genre extends itself beyond the silver screen. The land of comics and television is no stranger to horror and all the worlds combine to deliver the hit series on FOX, THE STRAIN. We loved the first season and our own Stacey Beth recapped each episode. While we are all eagerly anticipating the start of the next season, we were contacted by the team that has taken over the horror site for FOX about an awesome promotion they have going on. Many are unaware of the history behind THE STRAIN that can be found in the pages of the graphic novel from Dark Horse. Well now over at the site  http://bit.ly/TwoStrainsSite you can check out an interactive display of the two worlds THE STRAIN resides in.

The awesome thing about the site is you get to see scene for scene how much the show goes off the comic. This is huge for fans of the show as they see that THE STRAIN stays more true to it’s originator even more so than that other very popular show involving some people that just won’t stay dead. THE STRAIN season 1 has hit DVD and Blu ray but for now head over to the site for the comparison and make sure you stay a float on every horror related in the FOX world over at http://bit.ly/FoxHorrorStrainTakeover


Check out these awesome THE STRAIN gifs and images courtesy of FOX Home Entertainment. . Check out season two of THE STRAIN when it returns




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