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New trailer and artwork for controversial horror flick ‘An American Terror’

Out this month courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment is the very macabre and controversial flick from Haylar Garcia, AN AMERICAN TERROR. Think ELEPHANT meets TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and you may have an idea why this film was the talk of festivals. Just the premise alone will make you the outcast of holidays if you explain it to your family members. As we close down 2014 and see the amount of violence and rage across the world this film may not be the best to show your loved ones, stick with the Griswolds. Though for your clan of deviant hardcore souls this is a film you won’t want to miss. Check out the new trailer courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment and look for a review on this soon!

A killer Christmas title that’s “Surprising, effective, and brutal”*  to stuff your stocking with!

The festival favorite An American Terror, from visionary director Haylar Garcia, releases this week from Uncork’d Entertainment (DVD/VOD).

Set to be one of the most talked about films around the dinner table this holiday season, the controversial film tells of three teens, marginalized by their schoolmates, to decide to turn their gray existence around and be noticed. To do it they come up with a macabre plan, consisting of carrying out a massacre at school. But while they’re preparing the bloodbath, they’ll run into something much darker and more perverse than their own bloody ideas.

A movie with a chronicle lifted straight from front page headlines, An American Terror leaves spectators breathless.

Starring Jennifer Wilde (Halloween : The Night He Came Back), Graham Emmons (The Mission), and Kathryn Gould (The Highwayman).   Written, directed, and edited by Haylar Garcia; produced by Sam Sleiman and Tarik Heitmann; and executive produced by Jim Brennan and Roland Salameh.



Poster for AN AMERICAN TERROR courtesy of Uncork'd Entertainment

Poster for AN AMERICAN TERROR courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment



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