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Supernatural films are still filled with nothing but clicks and whistles ‘The Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death’ – movie review

A good sequel always dies a great job of keeping the essence of the original film in tact while introducing a whole other world to the audience. THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 ANGEL OF DEATH does a great job of capitalizing on this and provides an very entertaining movie throughout. The thing that sticks to dramatically is the inception of the kids in this feature which add layers to the sequel that they were unable to achieve in the first. I was worried that it would be too busy of a film and it would reach a climax where all answers would be solved in the last frame. I was wrong as THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 ANGEL OF DEATH involves great storytelling which gave more to the the film than the scares themselves.

Photo by Nick Wall – © Angelfish Films Limited 2014. All Rights Reserved.

The cast is a blend of children and adults who all have their moments in the film. Eve Parkins is played by the talented Phoebe Fox and she and Jeremy Irvine who plays Howard Burnstow create a small love interest that didn’t take away from the scares. The movie really has a pure mystery tone as you watch them unfold more the story we already know. Children are always creepy as hell in horror and this movie keeps that candle burning. There are tons of fights and jump scares placed all over as we see The Woman In Black consumes the children in hopes that they will ultimately join her. If films wreck your nerves when there are a nice amount of scare included THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2: THE ANGEL OF DEATH will surely have you reaching for your heart medication.

Photo by Nick Wall – © Angelfish Films Limited 2014. All Rights Reserved

As with most supernatural movies what will hurt THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 ANGEL OF DEATH is the slow brooding moment that mimics the first. Even though there is a tad bit more action there is a build that filmmaker Tom Harper takes you through. Also it’s really just another run of the mill ghost film. The first was extraordinary because we have not seen such a classicly engaging ghost picture in that style for sometime. Even though this is placed 40 years after it still carries a staleness to it that will  be hard to overcome from the younger more vulgar viewers. While I would have loved to see what the film could look like if it was rated R the studios still want to get the kiddos in the seats to see these films. That’s a conversation for another day. While THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 ANGEL OF DEATH won’t be winning any awards or creating any cult followings it’s still a solid mainstream horror film which really seems next to impossible these days.


3 / 5


THE WOMAN IN BLACK 2 ANGEL OF DEATH is now playing in theaters everywhere. It is directed by Tom Harper and stars Phoebe Fox, Eve Parkins, Helen McCrory, Jean Hogg, Jeremy Irvine, Adrian Rawlins, Deannie Best and Ned Dennehy.



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