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Looking at the undead from a whole new set of eyes ‘The Other Side’ – movie review

Sometimes you can sit through a film thinking yeah, seen this before totally know how this will end then boom, you whole world is f**ked up! Upon viewing the zombie romp from filmmakers Raymond Mongelli III and Chris Niespodzianski, THE OTHER SIDE we find an intriguing story of a group of characters on the search for a missing woman only to find themselves in the midst of an undead take over. The film looks spectacular as these filmmakers clearly have an eye for the macabre. Through some hazy acting portrayed by the cast involved while the film stumbles in the offset it becomes more than rewarding with an devastating ending you will never forget.

In THE OTHER SIDE we find Chris (Chad Conley) who wakes up one morning to find his estranged wife Ashley (Christine Starkey) missing from bed. After an instant berating from her sister Natalie (Danielle Lozeau) and a few questions from the local sheriff (Benjamin Sheeler) they set about the day thinking its just another occurrence of her walking off. See Ashley is sick and she this is not the first time she has wandered off. We find Ashley waking up in the middle of the forest and she runs into a stranger named Chuck (Chucky Hendershot). The two of are being chased by some unknown presence and little do they know they are more closer to the action than they or you could ever imagine.


THE OTHER SIDE is one of those flicks that will truly piss you off while watching and when you find out what’s going on you will dish out apologies left and right. Raymond Mongelli III and Chris Niespodzianski do a hell of a flim flam on the viewer and you really have to give the duo their credit. There is a lot that the avid horror fan will enjoy about THE OTHER SIDE it’s filled with a nice amount of gore and even a few scares that you rarely see in zombie films. As ridiculous as it may sound THE OTHER SIDE is truly a thinking mans zombie film that is more than welcomed in this day and age. I really think it will be difficult for some fans to sit through the constant back and forth that involves what seems to be an endless woods and a less than secure elementary school. But as mentioned early It is more than worth the wait on what develops soon after. The cast has it’s moments but there are also moments of dialogue that are less than desirable. As the film progressed more I really enjoyed the performance of Christine as she does have a leading lady skill set and gets stronger and stronger as the THE OTHER SIDE continues on.


THE OTHER SIDE was a treat and any zombie fan will surely get a kick out of it. Not that everything in the film brings something new to the the table but it’s nice to see that filmmakers can still be imaginative in one of the most over saturated sub genres of all time.


3 / 5


THE OTHER SIDE is directed by Raymond Mongelli III and Chris Niespodzianski and stars Chad Conley, Danielle Lozeau, Chuck Hendershot, Christine Starkey, Jack Davis, Robert Liscio, Ben Sheeler, Michelle Coben, Chris Murphy, Matthew Bright, LaMar Darnell Fields, Will Guffey, Johnny Terreri, Sean Scott, Tiffany Zhang and Tom Mirth.


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