Horror Movie Trailer

Dark and heart racing teaser for ‘Body’

We have a feeling there is a future film you will be adding to your Christmas horror/thriller selections in the future and that film is BODY. We have been talking about the film for the past few weeks as it is gearing up to make its debut at this years SLAM DANCE 2015. Last week we gave you a glimpse on the film with some stills and a poster and now we return with the teaser. BODY keeps looking better and better as the haunting yule tide carol is being sung over the dark and treacherous looking teaser. We have a feeling this won’t be a night we will forget anytime soon.

Best friends Holly, Cali, and Mel are home for the holidays.

It’s a couple nights before Christmas and the three girls are bored out of their minds, sitting at Mel’s parents house. As she is wont to do, Cali suggests they go out and have some fun. Her uncle owns a mansion one town over and happens to be out of town for the holiday. Better yet, he’s given her permission to party there. Despite Holly’s reservations, the girls head out. It’s only after hours of partying and taking advantage of the home’s many amenities that the girls discover Cali has lied to them. This is not her uncle’s house. It belongs to a family that Cali used to babysit for. And it becomes quite clear that permission was certainly never granted to party there. Holly and Mel, infuriated with Cali, immediately head for the door. Unfortunately, before they can leave, the groundskeeper of the estate arrives. The girls attempt to flee, but wind up running into him on their way out. An altercation follows and in a freak accident, the girls push him down the stairs. He falls awkwardly, breaking his neck and ultimately dying.


Teaser for BODY:


For the remainder of the film, we watch the girls slowly unravel as they decide what to do about the dead body in the living room. But covering their tracks might mean adding to the body count…



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