Horror Movies

Enjoy these two red band clips and zombie weapons infographic from ‘REC 4: Apocalypse’

REC 4: Apocalypse is now available on demand and anytime you see a film with someone trapped in a confined region it begs the question,what the f**k would I do? In horror, weapons are nothing new and have been the calling card of many of the iconic figures on both side of the equations. In REC 4 APOCALYPSE the boat motor can now be added to the long list of items to destroy zombies. Think you are an expert on what weapons were used in certain films to dispel the undead? Well here is your chance to test that knowledge with a new “Zombie Weapons Matching Game” to see if you can correctly identify what item of melee goes with what film. If that doesn’t do enough to spark your interest also take a glance at these two red band clips that were released last week for REC 4 APOCALYPSE. Enjoy!

Magnet Releasing’s [REC] 4: APOCALYPSE (now in select theaters and on VOD) adds the “outboard motor” to the cinematic arsenal of creative weaponry for dispatching zombies.

To honor this tradition, here’s a fun “Zombie Weapons Matching Game” infographic with zombie films and corresponding weaponry. Can you match them all correctly?


Infographic: Zombie Weapons Matching Game


And here are two red band (for violence) clips from [REC] 4: APOCALYPSE that illustrate the effects of this very handy weapon…


Zombie Monkey vs. Outboard Motor

Infected vs. Outboard Motor




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