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Fame and fortune at any cost ‘The Shoot’ – movie review

Everyone wants to be famous right? The money, the fame, the prestige, having whatever you want, whenever you want it… who wouldn’t want that? We’re all told from a young age that if we want it enough and work hard enough, we could be the next big rock star or actor or fashion icon. But the reality is that there are a lot of people competing for this accolade, so what would you be willing to do to get it? How far would you go? This is the world in which The Shoot – the new indie thriller from directing duo John Adams and Toby Poser – is set.

Image from The Shoot

Image from The Shoot

Two hard-up rock musicians (one inept, the other happy to tag along with whatever is happening around him) find themselves in a sticky situation where the only way out seems to be to rob a fashion shoot in the middle of the desert – or more specifically – the expensive jewellery they have been told will be used during the shoot. But these guys are no hardened criminals and the heist becomes something they could never have suspected, revealing the true nature of the two men along the way.

The film opens with the memorable and striking sight of two high heeled legs splayed open into the air, and this fetishized image sets the tone for the rest of the film. Taboo topics aren’t shied away from, but neither are they used purely to shock. A clever sense of humour is prevalent throughout and more than a few of the scenes are genuinely hilarious. The characters we meet along the way are just as memorable too; from the likeable leads to the pretentious French fashion photographer and everyone in-between, these characters are quirky, fresh and more than a little twisted.

The Shoot is a satire at heart and works very well as one, lampooning both the fashion and music industries with glee. We see egos clash and sparks fly, and in the fallout, the absurdity of it all is exposed; the harsh, unforgiving desert providing a stark contrast to the relatively glamorous and sheltered lives lived by its current inhabitants. All of this is viewed through a stylistically accomplished lens and is held together by a tight script and lucid dialogue.

Image from THE SHOOT

Image from THE SHOOT

Films all too often fall into the trap of either dumbing themselves down too much or being too highbrow and self-important; The Shoot achieves the perfect balance in-between the two. It’s a shame then that the main action scene is let down by an all too apparent lack of budget. With this aside though, it’s a wonderfully engaging, original and enjoyable film.

3.5/ 5


THE SHOOT is directed by John Adams and Toby Poser and stars John DiMaggio, Keith Allan , Doug Spearman,  and Toby Poser. It will be released in theaters this year.


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