Dark Comedy

His bad day becomes one less than stellar feature ‘Buddy Hutchins’ -movie review

Oh, Buddy Hutchins, where did you go wrong?  Let me count the ways.

Written and directed by Jared Cohn, this indie drama/dark comedy/thriller follows middle-aged Buddy Hutchins (Jamie Kennedy), a recovering alcoholic trying to support his wife and two kids with his failing dry cleaning business.  His financial woes are the least of his worries as everything else in his life turns to sh*t with the revelation that his wife has been cheating on him with his best friend, his son hates him, he’s in trouble with the law, and his ex-wife and her not-pimp boyfriend are hounding him for money he owes her.  As expected, it all becomes too much for Buddy to handle and he snaps…with a chainsaw in hand.



Buddy Hutchins spent far too much time focusing on Buddy’s relationships and making his life suck before getting to anything “good”.  Before you realize it a whole hour has passed and you’re still seeing Buddy’s life get sh*t on and you’re wondering when the bodies are going to start dropping.  And from that point it’s about as predictable as you’d expect.  The kill scenes were bloody and fun but the effects were by no means top notch.  Jamie Kennedy as Buddy Hutchins wasn’t a terrible casting choice as he most definitely fit the role of an annoyingly depressed man who didn’t age well.  The character of Buddy himself was hardly likeable and extremely misogynistic.  On a positive note, though, his acting was the best out of the entire movie even with a pretty mediocre script that relied on slut shaming as the comedy.

I read that the budget was an estimated $1,200,000 and I hope that’s a lie because I have no earthly idea where all of it went, unless Jamie Kennedy has a high price tag, but y’know… The editing and the sound work just weren’t good.  I couldn’t figure out why colors would change mid-scene and why every scene that took place in Buddy’s moms house was weirdly bright and the rooms looked like they were filled with smoke.  The film just felt haphazardly thrown together.  And all I will say about the music used in the film is STOP.

I really had high hopes for this film because it sounded really fun, but totally flopped.


BUDDY HUTCHINS is directed by Jared Cohn and stars Jamie Kennedy, Sally Kirkland and Sara Malakul Lane. BUDDY HUTCHINS will be available on DVD this March courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment.



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