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New LA based studio “360 Studios” launches into 2015 with a heavy indie film slate

In the illustrious world of Hollywood sometimes it a good idea to have some help in creating something special. In Los Angeles a group of veterans in the music and film industry have joined force to launch 360 Studios. Combining the world of music and films is nothing new but these guys already have projects in the works that sound exciting heading into the rest of the year. The have also created 360 Records as their music home which should provide an outlet for some amazing artists. Read ahead for the full announcement including what founder Keith Barrows and newly appointed CEO Tatyana Bulgakova had to say.  
An LA-based team of veterans in the film and music industry is launching a new entertainment company, 360 Studios, serving the fields of film and music production, and spanning the globe with members from Canada to Australia, including Russia, Morocco, England and Mexico.

The company was originally created to produce and finance feature films, in various genres, markets and territories, as 360 Films. Today, the company has, in addition, formed a record label, 360 Records, and is building a solid slate for 2015-2016 releases.

“360 Studios focuses on developing artists to work at their full potential, while providing them with a platform for exposure”, says Keith Barrows, founder.

“I am very thrilled about this new company”, says the newly-appointed CEO Tatyana Bulgakova. “We will act as an incubator and take artists to a level where major record labels will just have to take over and boost them into stardom”.

How it all began

With 30 plus years of experience, Keith Barrows, the Londonian founder of 360 Studios, started out as an engineer and mixer for artists such as Ozzy Ozbourne, U2, Ray Charles, Black Eyed Peas, Rage against the Machine and on shows such as Michael Jackson’s Earth Song, Kill Bill BANG BANG and The Sopranos. As the supervisor of all the media initiatives of the Sinatra family, he worked in Production Management touring with major artists like Nancy Sinatra and The Commodores in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Dodgers Stadium. Barrows recently decided to start working on his own projects and that’s when he met his key partner Tatyana Bulgakova. Aside from being a gifted pianist, the three-Master’s degree holder from Russia has traveled around the globe to teach music to students of all levels.

About 360 films

360 Films is currently working on various independent feature films and a TV show. Director, Screenwriter and Producer Aziz Tazi, from Highgate Films, will be directing three of these projects. The first one, Night Walk, is to be shot in L.A. and Morocco. It is a love story between an American  man and a Middle-Eastern woman turning into a crime drama because of political corruption.

Another project, “K.”, about a Russian leader happening prior to the 1917 Revolution will be directed by a world-class director, to be announced soon.

Moreover, 360 Studios has just jumped on board on acclaimed Canadian director Patricia Chica’s new film project entitled Montréal Girls, a coming-of-age dark comedy written by award-winning screenwriter Kamal John Iskander. The feature is set to be filmed in Montreal, Canada, Patricia’s hometown.

The budget for these films is everything between $500,000 and $30 million. Emmy award-winner Solange Schwalbe and her crew at Dog House Post have joined the team as their premier post-production company while Richie Chance, an award-winning acting coach, son of Larry and Bobbie Chance, the famed actors behind the legendary Expression Unlimited school, is on board as a producer on these films.

About 360 Records

The record label division has recently grown rapidly after signing on artists such as Los Angeles Music Award nominee Yolanda Thomas, Battle Of The Band winners Gypsy Rose and up and coming artist Jacqueline. 360 Records has also signed on a group of songwriters to build their catalog and music library to license to their film and TV productions. 360 Studios is also currently working on creating another publishing identity with Grammy award-winning brothers Lee and Ray from The Straughter Family as partners.

Moreover, 360 Studios has a partnership with legendary Mystical Arts Recording Studio, which gives them access to top of the line equipment and national recording producers.

For more information about 360 Studios, please visit http://www.360studiosltd.com.

360 Studios Official Website:




www.facebook.com/360records  / www.facebook.com/360films











Night Walk on Facebook:



IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4205896/




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