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Patricia Chica’s ‘Ripe N Bloody’ is more than just your typical PSA

Bringing an awareness to the donating blood is something every horror fan should feel proud of. From SAW to the Soska Twins this yearly tradition has taken a life of itself in part to the twins PSA anthologies. With February being the official month to recognize women in horror the girls have acquired a talented bunch of women filmmakers to create a selection of shorts that would make anyone stick a needle in their arm. While these shorts are all fun and games we have to remember that the purpose is to bring awareness to donating blood as it may save someone’s life. One of our favorite filmmakers Patricia Chica is one of the filmmakers involved with the project and her short RIPE N’ BLOODY is a dainty little treat. No one enjoys Halloween more than horror fans and even something as simple as pumpkin carving can be impactful if done the right way. Make sure you check out all the great shorts on the Women in Horror PSA and go donate blood now!

The mold for RIPE N BLOODY

The mold for RIPE N BLOODY

Every year internationally renowned identical twin filmmakers, the Soska Sisters (American Mary, See No Evil 2), invite you to bleed for an incredibly good cause: Women in Horror’s PSA for a Massive Blood Drive. Donating blood is something that many people find off-putting and terrifying. By using humor, innovation, and provocative imagery, this PSA will encourage viewers to face their fears and help out those in need of blood.

For this occasion, the Soska Sisters are launching an anthology of horror shorts directed by celebrated women filmmakers from around the world. The PSA premiered February 1st 2015 on YouTube in honor of Women in Horror Recognition Month (#WiHM666).

Women in Horror Recognition Month (WiHM) assists female genre artists in gaining opportunities, exposure, and education through altruistic events, printed material, articles, interviews, and online support. The collaborative vision is a world wherein all individuals have equal opportunity to create, share, and engage in freedom of expression.

The Soska Sisters and Women in Horror have invited award winning Canadian filmmaker Patricia Chica to present her darkly comic short Ripe N’ Bloody to be included in this anthology of films from some of the most innovative, unique, and irreverent female directors across the globe.

“I am a huge fan of the Soska Twins’ work, so I’m thrilled to be part of this project which supports two causes that are dear to my heart: the empowerment of Women in Film and Blood Donation”, says Patricia Chica.

“I started getting involved with blood donation when my mother was diagnosed with leukemia in 2002 and needed a lot of transfusions in order to survive. It made me realize how important each litter of blood was for the survival of my own mother and all of the patients at the hospital who were suffering from similar conditions.  My recent film Ceramic Tango dealt with the issue of blood and HIV awareness”, explains the director.

“This PSA is not only aligned with my purpose of making films that serve society and elevate the viewers’ consciousness but it was morbidly fun to make!”, concludes Patricia Chica.

Ripe N’ Bloody is a Canadian production that was written by award winning

filmmaker-screenwriter Kamal John Iskander (Jesus Comes to Town, Montréal Girls), produced by Patricia Chica, Grace Santos (Odessa, Silk),and veteran Byron A. Martin (Serpent’s Lullaby, My Babysitter is a Vampire). The short was executive produced by Tara Kurtz (Blue Weekend, Something About Her), co-executive produced by Adonai Interiano of HNI Productions, and artist Morris Umali. Practical effects were created by Danny McCarthy of 800 LB Guerilla. Visual effects were created by Henry Lipatov, Anton Golovchenko, and the crew at FAME CUBE based in the Ukraine. Director of photography Imad Rhayem, production designer Gabrielle Giraud, and makeup artistValentina Badaracco round out the production team. Starring Leonard Waldner, Stephen Brewster, Andrea Fletcher, Keira McCarthy, and introducing Marco Reilly.

An expanded version of the short will be presented on the festival circuit during the 2015/2016 season.


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