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Prey on the lulls of a scorned woman ‘Rebound’ – movie review

To dig truly into the thoughts of filmmaker Megan Freels torture thriller REBOUND one must first remember the rage they felt being lied to do. Better yet cheated on by someone you have given the world to only to see it disrespected in front of you in your own house for christ sakes.  The only thing you can do is run away. In the psychological thriller we find Claire who must escape to dispel the haunting thoughts of seeing her soulmate having sex with another woman. Her distracted mind would lead her into a spiders web that she may never escape. If she can concentrate on surviving more than defeat she may have a chance, but a sadistic mind has other intentions and plans on keeping her hostage in the mind and body for some time.


REBOUND is a startling thriller that cuts you at the surface. Ashley James carries an extreme weight holding down the film but she delivers some unexpected moments that are worthy to mention. Unfortunately there is a slow building process that may bother some viewers as you will want the action to move along a tad faster. When the shi** hits the fan and we have our best scenes with her and the assailant and the tension revs up at a pounding pace. I really enjoyed the head twist provided in the film as we see something not too far fetched in a movie involving a dominant type of atmosphere. While there was no blindfolds or handcuff being used the film clearly has a bdsm type of flavor as we see Ashley become submissive to her captor. REBOUND is a film that will test your limits on how much a person can endure while fighting off the demons in her head from such a tragic event. For some, things get worse but for others they end up right where they wanted to be all along. Some of just need love and we will take it anyway we can get it.


REBOUND is a film that brings the air of a decent Lifetime styled thriller and is a good enough effort to show promise with Feels ability to bring a story to life. There will be some women who hate REBOUND and how it ends and that actually adds to the allure of the film. While it won’t be a film to blow you away REBOUND carries all the characteristics that make a solid psychological thriller.



2.5 / 5


REBOUND is directed by Megan Freels and stars Ashley James, and Mark Sheibmeir. It is now available on demand.



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