Horror Movie Trailer

Indie sci fi thriller ‘Abduct’ trailer and details

Looking to blend the world of the supernatural and UFO encounters is nothing new in the horror/sci fi realm. When a film looks to add a multitude of other paranormal phenomena the effect it can have on the genre is worth the mention and seems to be the drawing point to the new film from Ilyas Kaduji ABDUCT.  The film will be heading to the festival circuit later this year and they have asked us to show their intriguing trailer to all of you. We have included some stills as well but the trailer is very informative creating the backdrop you can expect from the sci fi thriller. Be on the look out for more from ABDUCT soon and if we find out what festivals they will be attending we will, be sure to let you know!

ABDUCT combines  Paranormal Activity and X-Files formats and brings together the world of Men in Black, Shadow People, Sleep Paralysis, Alien Abductions and Mind Control among the many other supernatural and unexplained phenomena.


A paranormal radio host attempts to protect a young orphan woman from an onslaught of deadly alien and psychic phenomena, only to discover the world of the paranormal might be far more sinister and cohesive than anyone has possibly imagined.


ABDUCT is directed by film industry veteran Ilyas Kaduji and starring Sienna Guillory (Resident Evil), William B. Davis (X-Files, Stargate), Jack O’Haloran (Superman), Mhairi Calvey (Braveheart), Mark Arnold (Teen Wolf) and Buffy Davis (The Machinist, Anna Karenina).



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