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Silence doesn’t stop a woman scorned ‘Avenged’ -movie review

Rape and revenge exploitation films have been around for decades and have resurfaced more and more over the past years in horror. You have iconic movies like I Spit On Your Grave, Last House On The Left and the French film Irreversible where women have been raped, tortured and humiliated by men(and sometimes a woman is involved) to the point or brink of death. Michael S. Ojeda’s film Avenged combines a woman’s revenge with a creepy possession to complete a perfect modern day horror film.

Stills and bts pictures from AVENGED

Stills and bts pictures from AVENGED

Zoe (Amanda Adrienne) is a young women looking for a new start on life after losing her father. Zoe inherits her dad’s classic car and what way to break in a new start but to drive cross country to the love of her life but also to just have some freedom. Even though Zoe is deaf she doesn’t let that hinder her from having a little adventure. Her travels take her through New Mexico where she stumbles upon a band of rednecks that are maliciously hunting and killing two young Native American men. The group is led by Trey (Rodney Rowland) and West (Tom Ardavany) who see young Zoe on the side of road trying to help one young man who is attempting to escape. In the attempt to be a good person Zoe ends up getting herself captured, where West and Trey along with the other men brutally rape and torture her while keeping her hostage for days. While watching all of this happen to Zoe you feel the immense pain and sadness she is going through, but also the willingness for her to survive as long as she can.


Amanda Adrienne  does a remarkable job as  Zoe.Her transformation do to her dealings with with witch doctor is when the film film really picks up. She matched with the spirit that has taken over her is no match for miscreants who have wronged her. Avenged really takes the essence of the films mentioned before and takes it to another level with the inclusion of the supernatural element.Ojeda provides the perfect indie horror backdrop that will allow Avenged to win over both hardcore and mainstream fans. Amanda gives an unforgettable performance ands should be mentioned among the names of stars to watch out for. Hopefully we see more of her in horror and more from Ojeda in the genre as well. Similar to last years Devil’s Mile Avenged is a film that sneaks up on you and once it has you never lets you go.

Stills and bts pictures from AVENGED

Stills and bts pictures from AVENGED


Avenged took a new concept to revenge films by not just making it about righting a wrong but taking it to another form of horror with spirit possession and how much hatred there is between two cultures. Combining Zoe’s hatred mixed with the spirit of the angry warrior chief,  gives an explosive rampage of horrific killings and an intense delivery. Don’t miss out on Avenged as it will be be one of the most talked about horror films of 2015.




AVENGED is directed by Michael S. Ojeada. It stars  Amanda Adrienne, Tom Ardavany, Ronnie Gene Blevins, Brionne Davis,Jason Gurvitz, John Charles Meyer, Kyle Morris and Rodney Rowland. Avenged will be on VOD and limited theaters on March 6th.



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