Anchor Bay

F**k up some car windows in this clip from ‘Muck’

On a slow Tuesday morning you may be sitting there filling out your brackets, spending your hard earned cash on your favorite mascot but don’t fret. MUCK is here is! That’s right finally the Anchor Bay family of pale white dudes slasher is here and hit Blu ray today. In celebration of it’s release and limited theater engagements this past weekend we have another clip for you to see today. Our review will be up soon but for now enjoy this window smashing boobie jiggling clip from MUCK and it pick up on Blu ray & DVD today!

This past Friday the 13th, MUCK opened in limited theatrical release, and now  arrives on Blu-ray & DVD today, Tuesday, March 17th. ​​Below check out a vicious new clip from Anchor Bay’s latest horror release, starring Kane Hodder and 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg.

MUCK Synopsis:

This throwback horror film just raised the hacked-up bar: Horror legend Kane Hodder and Playboy Playmate of the Year 2012, Jaclyn Swedberg star in this scary, sexy, indie shocker that joins a group of friends just as they emerge from the thick, murky darkness of the marshes tattered, bloody, and lucky to be alive. But they will soon find out that the lucky ones are already dead. MUCK is packed with old-school gore effects and brutal stunts, without any CGI or apologies. Lachlan Buchanan (“Pretty Little Liars”) co-stars in writer/director Steve Wolsh’s searing directorial debut that unfolds like a blood-stained love letter to horror fanatics everywhere!​

​MUCK Clip — “Car Attack”

Troit (Lachlan Buchanan), Terra (Jaclyn Swedberg) and Chandi (Puja Mohindra) find themselves surrounded by ‘creepers’.


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