Horror News

‘Lucid’ streaming for free now on Amazon Prime

If it was not for sports (and we are sure most of you could care less about those) many cable and satellite providers would now be defunct. Outside of DVR and maybe some horrible show of off key teenagers trying to sing what do we watch live anymore? So services like Amazon Prime are really starting to pick up and where there is demand there is a need to be filled. Luckily for us that need is horror. The dreary and haunting sleep induced film from female director P.J. Woodside LUCID looks to take advantage of the service with now you can see the film there for free! In the indie world nothing is giving away so we are thankful she has allowed the film to be showcased on such a platform. In case you are unaware of the festival hit we included the synopsis and trailer for you to see ahead.

Watch LUCID on Amazon Prime for free here.

A woman with increasingly disturbing and violent dreams consults a famous sleep therapist known for his controversial treatments. Her experience plummets her into the dark, twisted depths of her subconscious, grasping for her sanity.

  • Some have compared “Lucid” to the hit “The Babadook”.
  • Friday the 13th writer, Victor Miller, says that “after you see Lucid you’ll never sleep the same again!”
  • LUCID is a suspenseful thriller written & directed by a woman, PJ Woodside.
  • The movie features the return of Bill Johnson best known for his role as “Leatherface” in Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.
  • In Lucid, Johnson plays the nightmarish figure “Paw Paw”.



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