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The anti “Hostel” ‘Hooked Up’ – movie review

I have to be completely honest. I’m tired. I’m so damn tired of found footage. Yes sometimes the technique can be done well but the non stop production of these films can be lazy and cheap. What is worse though is when it has no use for the film and doesn’t add anything to the narrative. Hooked Up unfortunately does just that. 

Set in Barcelona two 20-something US tourists come over from the states to find some pussy! Only to get seduced, locked up and stalked by a evil foreign girl. This is Hostel but crappier.

What annoyed me most was the blatant laziness of the characters. Both males are such chauvinistic, boring pigs who use the word ‘dude’ after every sentence that it becomes a parody of itself. These films do nothing for me as they just produce a fear of Europe and anywhere other than the US. It gives the impression that once you leave the shores of fair America you will be setting foot right into hell. A nice change would be to see a bunch of Europeans travel to America and be hunted instead!!!

As mentioned before all the action is filmed on a iPhone which is unnecessary and as soon as the action starts and the boys realise they are locked inside the maniac’s house they still keep filming which seems completely unrealistic. A mad woman is running around trying to kill you, yes let’s keep filming. If you are going to use found footage you have to give it intention throughout the whole film.

The two actors do an okay job with the material they are given. Jonah Ehrenreich who plays Tonio starts off annoying as hell but thanks to some sympathetic acting as the film progresses slowly becomes the character we pine for. Once we are locked inside the house, my mind did wander off a few times as there is only so many times the protagonists can wander around the empty house looking for a way out. Saying this though once the action ramped up the gore flowed freely and often hit the screen with a one-two punch.

The action and violence of the film wasn’t totally pointless, I could see director Pablo Larcuen had a lot of ideas he wanted to use and there was a character arc for the two boys and a back story for the maniac, but some of it felt forced and unfortunately didn’t gel with the film.

Hooked Up suffers from unoriginality even with some nice moments I often felt I had seen the same film numerous times before. It might just be best to go home with another film rather than hookin up with this one.


HOOKED UP is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and stars Jonah Ehrenreich, Julia Molins, Stephen Ohl and Natascha Wiese.


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